April Wrap Up

monthly wrap up

April was a pretty crazy reading month for me.  I read almost 20 books, many of them during my Spring Break.  The weather sucked more than usual that week and my plans to spend time working in my garden and yard were totally scrapped, so I had nothing better to do than read and watch the rain.  Things could have been worse.

I did get to go and see the beautiful tulips up in Skagit county, during one of the less IMG_0162rainy days.  I have driven by the tulip fields during the season before, but have never stopped and actually gone into the fields.  It was pretty spectacular and magical, and even with the crappy weather and all the mud, strangely very crowded.  Yes , they really are that red, especially when they are so close together.  The purples, my favs, are pretty spectacular too.  It is kind of sad that they don’t last very long.

We also went to Long Beach, CA and spent an afternoon in LA’s Chinatown, which was fun.  Somehow my husband had heard about this place called the Velveteria Museum, which was probably the weirdest museum I’ve ever been in.  It really is a museum of velvet paintings.  They even have a black light room.  The owner was quite the character and will tell you all about the different paintings and their story.  It is a place I will not be forgetting soon, and if you ever find yourself in Chinatown it is worth the stop.

Book Reviews

NetGalley Reads


I pretty much enjoyed all of these books, some more than others.  I did reviews for all of them, except Bobby Sky as this was the last one of the month.  But the review will be up soon.  My top three were Bookish Boyfriends, Tell Me No Lies and Bobby Sky: Boy Band or Die (I love that title!)

ARC’s I received from publishers


I really enjoyed both Price Guide to the Occult and The Outcast.  They are both excellent reads and ones I highly recommend.  MunMun has to be the most unusual book I have ever read.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about it that I’m not sure I can put into words.  I’ve tried to write a review, but it comes out all wrong, so I gave up.  If you like weird, unusual, satirical works of fiction, check this one out.

Middle Grade Books


I still read middle grade books, although I have more or less stopped reviewing them on my blog.  These three are excellent and if you are looking for good MG books for either your kids or students, then I highly recommend them. 

Audio Books


April was not the best month for audio books.  The weather kept me inside and I was busy with work and travel so I only managed to get two done.  Plus Quest for Glory was soooo long, that it took forever to finish.  Both are excellent audiobooks and highly recommended. 

ReReads and New Books


Follow Me Back was a must read before Tell Me No Lies, excellent thriller and very quick reads.  I was really looking forward to finishing the Beautiful Idols series, so I decided to reread the first two books.  I was glad I did, I remembered a lot from Unrivaled, but not as much from Blacklist, a really good series and pretty fast reads.  Good for a vacation read, especially if you are going to LA.  My review of the series will be up soon. 


Purchased Books

I only bought two books this month, and I haven’t read either of them.  That happens sometime when I buy books I want to read.  My priorities in choosing which book to read next is

  • ARC, because I feel obligated to read them and write reviews before they are published.
  • Library book, because they have dues date and if they are popular many people are waiting for them 
  • Books I own, even those I am very interested in reading.  I hope to get to the two I bought this month soon. 


I’m not big on setting up a must read list, but these are the ARC’s from Netgalley and publishers that I will read next month. 

The Rose Legacy By Jessica Day George (Middle Grade)

Endling by Katherine Applegate  (Middle Grade)

The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer (which I have started)

Furyborn by Claire Legrand

LifeL1ke by Jay Kristoff

I also have Defy the Worlds and The Fates Divide sitting on my bedside table.  They are both library books and need to go back soon so will be high on my list.  I’m about half way through Defy as I am writing this, so it is possible that I might finish it before midnight on Monday. 

That is my wrap up for this month.  How was your April?  

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