August Wrap-Up

monthly wrap up

I can’t believe that August is over.  The month just flew by.  Summer isn’t over yet. September is usually one of our most beautiful months, and even though school has started I always enjoy the last month before the sun goes away for the winter. 

I read a lot fewer books this month.  Mostly because of some longer ones, but also the last two weeks there was a major change in my reading time because of work.  This is a more normal amount for me at 13 books.  

Young Adult Books

I started the Shades of Magic series in July, but the last book I read in August.  I loved the whole series and I am really glad I read them all together.  The rest of the books from this month were all good, not a bad one in the bunch, although Meet Me in the Strange is pretty strange.  I also reread Frankenstein.  

Middle Grade Books

The Girl in the Locked Room was my favorite of this bunch.  A really interesting take on ghost stories.  The other two were ok, but not great.  

Audio Books

The Belles

Not a great month for audio books.  I blame it on being busy and the smoke that has been plaguing us here in Seattle, making being outside unhealthy.  What smoke you might ask?  Well you know all of those wild fires burning in the west?  They may not be close to us, but the wind brings all of that smoke our way, no matter which way it blows.  Currently it has been coming from some fires in British Columbia.  We were suppose to get a break from it this weekend, but no.  Any way, most of my listening time is when I do my daily walk, which I couldn’t do because of the smoke.  I did also listen to Wolf Hollow this month, and some of The Thousandth Floor which is a reread in preparation for the last book coming out in the series.   I liked the Belles, and should have a review up next week. 

September’s TBR

I managed to get all of my September ARC’s read except for one this month.  So I will be starting on the October ones soon.  I still have a huge stack of both library books and ones I own that I need to get whittled down.  

Advanced Reader Copies from NetGalley 

I am looking forward to reading all of these books.  They all sound and look really good.  Love the covers for all of them too.  

I also have a couple of Middle Grades to read this month that come out in October.

I just love the cover for Dragon’s in a Bag.  Adorable!

Not sure what else I will be reading this month.  I have a big stack by my bed which I hope to read soon.  Lots of books have been coming from the library too.  No matter how I plan my holds they always seem to come at the same time.  

How was your August?  What books did you read that you really liked?  What are looking forward to reading in September?

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