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Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey at GingerReads and Samantha at Thoughts on Tomes.  You can find the group on Goodreads. 

The American Library Associations Midwinter conference is this weekend in Seattle (Yipee!) and I always seem to find books I haven’t heard of that end up on the must read it immediately pile.  So except for a couple of these, the rest might get tossed aside pretty quickly.  As usual all of the covers are linked to their Goodread pages.  

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The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

invisible library


This is the only the book that will definitely get read, because it is a library book that has to go back soon.  I have been hearing good things about this series and I am looking forward to reading it.  It sounds a bit like Jasper Fforde’s Thursday  Next books which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Plus I always enjoy a book about books and libraries.  


Immoral Code by Lillian Clark

immoral code


This is the second book which will get read.  It is an ARC on Netgalley and it comes out next month.  It has been described as Ocean’s Eleven meets the Breakfast Club, so color me intrigued.  It is also a debut for this author and it sounds like it has a pretty diverse cast of characters.  



The Wicked King by Holly Black

Wicked King


Some of you might be wondering why this one isn’t on the top of the list.  Well I just finished The Queen of Air and Darkness, and I am a little tired of the Fey at the moment.  Plus I have heard that it is now a trilogy? And that it has a cliff hanger?  Not sure I can stand the waiting.  So, this will get done when I am in the mood, but I might decided not to wait too long.   


Realm of Ruins by Hannah West

realm of ruins

This one is also a library book, but I just picked it up, so there isn’t an urgent need to read it.  I read the first book when it came out in 2016, but this one is more of a companion novel to that one.  It is a sort of retelling of Beauty and the Beast, plus some other fairy tales.  I loved the world in the first book, so I am really looking forward to going back and meeting new characters and having new adventures. 


Stain by A. G. Howard



I had totally forgotten that this one came out last week, until I saw it at the bookstore.  I love this author’s style of writing.  This one is inspired by The Princess and the Pea and even though I’m still not into retellings that much, I will make an exception for this author.  


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That is where my TBR stands at the moment.  Like I said it could change dramatically after the conference this weekend.  As always, please stop by the Goodreads group to see what others have listed as their next reads.  

What is on the top of your TBR at the moment?


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