Heartstone #2

Dragonshadow by Elle Katherine White

Publication Date: November 2018

Summary from GoodReads:

dragonshadowThe Battle of North Fields is over—or so Aliza Bentaine, now a Daired, fervently wants to believe. But rumors are spreading of an unseen monster ravaging the isolated Castle Selwyn on the northern border of the kingdom. When she and Alastair are summoned from their honeymoon by the mysterious Lord Selwyn, they must travel with their dragon Akarra through the Tekari-infested Old Wilds of Arle to answer his call.

And they are not alone on this treacherous journey. Shadowing the dragonriders is an ancient evil, a harbinger of a dark danger of which the Worm was only a foretaste. And soon Aliza realizes the terrible truth: the real war is only beginning.

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I started this book with a little bit of trepidation.  I loved the first book, Heartstone, because of two things, the retelling of Pride and Prejudice and the dragons.  Two of my favorite things coming together.  So I wasn’t sure how I felt about the story continuing.  I knew the dragons would still be there but what about the P&P part?  There was never a sequel to the original story so we don’t know what happened to Darcy and Elizabeth.  But I was willing to give it a try, and I am happy to say that I enjoyed this one almost as much as the first. 

I thought I would try something a bit new with this review. I’m going to ask myself some questions about the book and then answer them.

Were there still elements of Pride and Prejudice?

Not really.  Except for the two main characters, Aliza and Daired, and of course Akarra,  none of the other characters from the first book, show up.  Except for one, but I won’t spoil things by saying who.  Aliza and Daired do maintain their characters, but maybe with a little less snark.  They are settling into married life and Daired has to get use to a wife who speaks her mind, but other than that, not much else from the original.

Did I miss the Pride and Prejudice references?

Not really once I got into the story and decided that it was going to be more of an original tale than a retelling. The characters and the plot were solid and enjoyable.

Was there as much fighting and dragons as the first book?

There was a lot less fighting, no big battle scenes. There were some smaller fights and a few times when I wasn’t sure who would survive.  This book spent most of the time with them traveling across Arle.  Seeing more of this world and its creatures made for some interesting reading.  They even encounter Merpeople and selkies. But what I did miss most was the other dragons.  Only Akarra was in this book.  Although there were other Riders and their beoryn. 

Would you recommend this book/series?

Yes, definitely.  If you like Pride and Prejudice and dragons than the first book is a must read.  If you ever wondered what life was like after Pride and Prejudice than take a look at this next book.  Perhaps there would be less adventure and battles for the original characters, but their love for each other and their married life would be similar.  The second book is slower than the first, just so you know.

Will you finish the series?

Quite definitely!  Aliza and Dariad’s characters hold up on their own.  The world the author has created is fascinating and exciting.  I’m hoping to see more of the original characters in the next installment of the series.  I also can’t wait to see how the author wraps it all up.  

So what do you think?  Have you read the first book?  Will you continue with the series?  Let me know in the comments. 

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