Top 5+ Wednesday: Ruby Covers

The official Top five group is taking a summer hiatus, so we have been left to our own devices for topics. I’m also not feeling the need to stick to 5 necessarily either. I enjoyed doing the ones that had to do with favorite covers, and recently I have been connecting them to the birthstones. July’s birthstone is Ruby so get ready for some awesome red covers.

While red is not my favorite color, I have always been drawn to the color and to books that are red. There is something about that bright red shiny cover that always catches my eye. So here are some of my favorite Ruby covers.

I just love the deep red background of this cover! And the way that the card house’s shadow looks more like a cityscape. Who ever designed this cover just did a suburb job.

This one has both the deep red that I love and the word crimson. This is the last book in the Seven Realms series and was an awesome ending to one of my favorite series.

This one isn’t as deep as red as some of the others, but it is compelling enough that you want to pick it up and find out more. I also love how the robe sweeps away from the body in the same direction as the yellow streaks behind it.

I loved all of the covers for this series, but this one was my favorite. They all had a similar effect, with Jackaby’s head taking up most of the cover and characters in the middle. I like the splash of blue in this one. It really draws the eyes.

This series was also pretty consistent with its covers. Nick is always there and then there is a symbol with the title in the center. Loved all of them and really enjoyed the series, except for the last one.

This one isn’t super ruby colored, but I just love the contrast of the red vines on the black. And then the white letters added to that, just makes for a perfect combination. Loved the book too.

I think this one is more red than ruby, but again I loved the white lettering over the red image. This was an excellent second book in this awesome mystery series.

I love this cover, but I remember thinking while I was reading it that it didn’t really match the story inside. I remember thinking that Kestrel would never wear a dress like that. I think that was true of all the covers. You didn’t get a good sense what the book was about from them. Still a good series though.

I saved the best for last. This is my all time favorite cover featuring the color red. I love the dress, the sky, the black doodles falling down over her and Paris in the background. The story is awesome too. A real page turning supernatural love story with revenants (aka sexy zombies!)

When I started out doing this post, I certainly wasn’t planning on nine covers, but I just couldn’t decide on five of them. So, I hope you enjoyed this extended version of Top 5 Wednesday.

What is your favorite Ruby/red cover?


  1. From this list I like the dire king the best! (Haven’t read the series yet though..) I also really like Ace of shades!


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