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It is time for another round of mini-reviews. I do these every once and awhile for various reasons. Either I don’t have time for a full review, or more likely didn’t feel the need to do a full review. In the case of these books, two were part of a series that I had already written full reviews for, one has over 3,000 reviews on Goodreads, many of them long, and I just didn’t think I had more to say about that one. And then finally, the first book I’m reviewing here, I just didn’t feel like I had enough to say to warrant a full review. Not sure why I felt the need to tell you all this, but I hope you find my mini-reviews helpful.

Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Publication date: April 16, 2019

“Let’s go eat some pie and solve a mystery.” 

Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

I have some mixed feelings about this one. In some ways I really liked it, the characters were great, I really liked how their relationship progressed. The overall story was also good, but the mystery aspect of it wasn’t as prominent as I usually like, and it really wasn’t that much of a mystery. This one has a lot of emotion too. Both characters had some hardships that they had to overcome. Daniel is deaf in one ear and suffers from depression. Birdie has narcolepsy which was very important to the story as well as her character. It was really nice to see how the characters managed these parts of themselves. This is a good read for someone who likes emotional contemporaries.

Plague Land: No Escape by Alex Scarrow

Publication Date: July 2, 2019

This is the third and final book of a trilogy, and it is a good one. This series has just blown my mind, and scared the crap out of me at the same time. It ended pretty much the way I thought, but I still can’t decide if it was good or bad. It was sort of sad to see what happened to all of the characters along the way. This last book was just as riveting as the first two and very hard to put down. If you like your end of the world with a dash of horror and a very interesting alien invasion twist, this is definitely the book for you. But it is also about friendship, family and humanity at its best and worst. If you want to read my reviews for the other two books just click on the titles below.

Plague Land
Plague Land Reborn

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Publication Date: June 4, 2019

“Of course .” A wicked gleam entered his eyes. “But I only turn girls into salamanders on Tuesdays. Luckily for you, its a Wednesday, which is the day I drink a goblet of orphan´s blood for supper.” 
― Margaret Rogerson, Sorcery of Thorns

There has been a lot of hype about this book and it is well deserved. I think it is my favorite so far this year. I loved the whole concept of libraries filled with magical books, picture Hogwarts library on steroids. Plus the books can become these large monsters called Maleficts, which were kind of terrifying. Add in a brave heroine with a sword, a sorcerer and his demon and you have the perfect mix for a great story. Nathaniel Thorn has almost replaced Magnus as my favorite magical person. His was just so funny and so endearing that I can’t resist liking him. Silas, his demon, was also wonderful, even in cat form. Elisabeth is the perfect heroine, with smarts and bravery to overcome a lot of obstacles. There is nothing to complain about with this book, except that it appears to be a stand alone. This makes me very sad as I need more of this magical world. I will definitely be checking out this author’s first book, An Enchantment of Ravens, as soon as I can.

The Demon World by Sally Green

Publication Date: August 6, 2019

This is book two in The Smoke Thieves trilogy, and it was just as good as the first one. I only wish that I had reread the first book so it was fresher in my mind. Luckily there was enough said of the first books events without it being an info dump that I was soon settling in for a very good story. As the titles implies some of our characters enter the Demon world, and wow what a world it turned out to be! So fascinating and different from anything else I have ever read. I must say that those were the chapters I was most enthralled by. The rest of the story was also very interesting. The characters continue to face betrayals and hardships on their journeys and I was often worried about their lives coming to an end. And speaking of endings, I must tell you that there is quite the cliffhanger for many of the characters. If you have not yet picked up this series, you really should. You will not be disappointed. If you want to read my review of the first book, go here.


  1. Sorcery of Thorns was definitely one of my favorites this year. I honestly loved everything about it and would love to visit the Great Libraries and hang out with the “three musketeers” (as I see them since they’re practically inseparable lol)! Great mini reviews 🙂

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  2. I really liked sorcery of thorns! And I’m very excited to pick up the Demon world, since I really enjoyed book one on audio!
    Great reviews!


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