February 2020 TBR

Last month’s TBR was an Epic Fail!

I only read one book out of the five on my list. I read lots of books last month, 16 to be exact plus 4 novellas, just not the ones I had planned to read. I really can’t explain what went wrong. I totally want to read them, I do, I just for some reason never picked them up. Plus I did read one 500+ and two 600+ page books, so yeah that might have been it. Heavy sigh. I do have a week off this month from work, so maybe I can get at least one of them read then. We will see how things go. Some of it does depend on when books I have on hold at the library show up...

Here are the four I didn’t get to, plus one more that I am pretty sure I will read.

Because The Toll and Supernova are both really long, I probably won’t get to both of them. I am also betting that The King of Crows will also be really long, because the other books in the series were over 600 pages. I’m hoping that because The Bear and the Nightingale and The Marrow Thieves are both short that I will be able to get at least one of them done this month.

ARC’s for February

Okay I will admit that part of my issue in January is that I broke my NetGalley rule of only two ARC’s per month. I ended up with four for February. But I got them all read and reviews written. And except for one that was not that great, I really enjoyed the others, so was glad that I requested them. These are the three that I have to read for March. I am super excited for Wicked as You Wish as I have loved all of this author’s work so far. I also really like Kenneth Oppel’s work and am looking forward to Bloom. Super Adjacent is one I just got approved for and looks like a lot of fun. I do have one more that I requested that hasn’t been approved yet. So I am going to try really hard not to request any more, but sometimes it is so hard!

Library Books on Hold

My Library has been taking forever with holds lately. Spin the Dawn and Frankly in Love are two that I put on hold last year! And it seems like it has been taking them forever to get the new books processed and out to patrons too. Hopefully I will be reading One of Us is Next and The Hand on the Wall sometime this month. Of course, they probably will all show up on the same day. My husband and I just watched the movie of The Reader and it was so good, I really wanted to read the book. That one should show up soon as I am the only one waiting for it. Luckily it is short, so shouldn’t take too long.

What do you have planned for February?


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