Necromancer-Series Review

Hold Me Closer Necromancer (2010)

Necromancing the Stone (2012)

Author: Lish McBride

Lately I have been craving funny books, and these two totally fit the bill. The characters are snarky, yet very relatable and for the most part typical young adults. I of course also loved that these books are set in Seattle.

“Most people felt lost after high school. Sometimes I felt like I’d never really been found in the first place.” HMCN

The main hero of the story is Sam, who discovers in the first book that he is a necromancer, although his powers have been suppressed as he was growing up. I really liked Sam, he has a great sense of humor and can always come up with a great sarcastic comment. He is loyal to his friends, even after he discovers what he is, he counts on their support to get him through it all. His view of necromancy was interesting, especially in the second book. Probably because he was brought up to be a normal kid, he doesn’t have the usual evil inclination that most necromancers have. Which, as it turns out is a good thing. I really liked that about him. He is sweet and kind and really tries hard to do what is right.

“I didn’t want to think about the fact that she could smell me, or that she just joked about eating me. At least I hoped she meant it as a joke.” HMCN

Brid is the other hero of the story and the love interest. She is pretty awesome too. She doesn’t let anyone get away with anything. The relationship is a bit insta-love, but the two of them are trapped in a cage together for many days, so you know.

There are a lot of supporting characters in both books, and all of them are great and well rounded. I especially loved the group of friends that Sam works with at the burger joint. Ramon, who is his best friend, will defend and protect Sam even when it might not work out so well for him. Brooke, is also an amazing character and often was the comic relief when the times were at their darkest. Frank doesn’t start out as a close friend but becomes indispensable to Sam in the second book. And finally we have Ashley, who mostly looks out for Sam from the other side.

“Hi, my name is Ashley, and I’ll be your Harbinger today. I will be acting as an interim instructor for all your necromancy needs.” She flashed her best stewardess smile and gave a little Vanna wave.” HMCN

Both Sam and Brid have very supportive families, which was great to see. I especially loved the relationship between Brid and her brothers. Brid’s family also accepts Sam, even with him being a necromancer and all. There are some great scenes between Sam and Brid’s family in the second book.

“Thanks for not talking with your fists,” I said. I have a little sister, and I’m not sure I’d be as understanding with any of her boyfriends.
“I’ve seen you fight,” he said, turning. “It would’ve been a terribly short conversation.” NTS

The villain, Douglas, is pretty darn evil. But I still liked him, and he could be pretty funny at times as well. He had a very dry sense of humor. James, who can take the shape of a cat or a small dragon, was his servant, and I think I liked him even in the first book when we didn’t see him that often. He ended up being a really sweet guy with a lot of issues. I have to give a special shout out to Minion in the second book, it took a bit for me to figure out who he was, think movie star, but I it certainly made me laugh out loud when I did.

“And someone, somewhere, was having an even worse time of it than me. I tried to keep that in mind. No matter how crappy your life, someone will probably beat you in the my-life-is-crap category. Not that I don’t let myself whine a little now and then, but sometimes it’s good to keep your misery in perspective” NTS

This series, unfortunately is incomplete. The author does say that she hopes to finish it one day. The ending of the second book is solid, luckily no huge cliff hangers, but there are some loose ends. I for one would love to see more books with Sam and his friends. If you are looking for a good funny story then you should look these up.


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