March 2020 TBR

Well looking back on my February TBR, I didn’t do too badly. I read six of the thirteen books. Two of the books I had on hold at the library haven’t come yet, so really I did six out of eleven, which is basically half, right? πŸ˜‰I also read a lot of books that were not on my list, see my monthly wrap-up if you want to know what else I read.

The ARC’s

I have pretty much finished all of my ARC’s for March, so will be working on April’s this month. Chosen Ones sounds really good, and so far I have not been disappointed by this author. The List of Things That Will Not Change is a middle grade by another author I always enjoy reading. I just finished Spin the Dawn and loved it, so of course had to snatch up the ARC for the sequel, Unravel the Dusk. It doesn’t come out till July, but I don’t think I will wait as I need to know what happens now! I might even read it before the other two.

Library Books

I was really shocked that The Reader did not come to me last month. But I have it now and will get to it was soon as I finish my current read. I still have a bit of a wait for Frankly in Love, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. For my audio books I’m going with two funny ones. No Country for Old Gnomes is the second book in one of the funniest series I have ever read. Well Met has recently caught my eye, it is a rom com set in a renaissance fair. The couple of reviews I have seen really peaked my interest, so hopefully it will show up.

What Else?

So far this year I have been pretty bad at predicting what else I am going to read each month, best laid plans and all that. But maybe the third time of putting them on my list will be the charm. I am determined to get The Marrow Thieves and The Bear and the Nightingale done this month. I have been reading some pretty long books lately, so I really want a couple of short ones on my list to get to. Infinity Son has been on my bedside table whispering to me each night to pick it up, so I might just have to give into that. Then if I have the time I really want to get to Supernova.

Well I hope I do better this month with my TBR. What do you plan to read this month?


  1. Such a great list of books! You’re so lucky that you managed to snag a copy of Unravel the Dusk 😍I can’t wait until it’s out! I hope you enjoy all these reads, especially Well Met! I still get all the swoony feels thinking about it lol πŸ₯°

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