According to Goodreads…

Goodread’s recently posted a list of the 40 Most Popular Recent Young Adult Novel. This is how they came up with the list.

“To get a better idea of where YA novels are now, we combed through our data to find the genre’s most popular reads published within the past three years. We measured popularity based on how many reviews these books have. Then we narrowed down the contenders further by only including books with at least a 3.5-average star rating from your fellow readers.”

I found out about this list on Clemi’s Bookish World, who saw it on AceReader. They both decided to see which of these books they have read. I have to admit that I was interested in seeing just how many of these books I have read as well. So here we go!

It looks like I read almost half of these, 19 in total. I was surprised that more of them didn’t show up as on my Want to Read list. But there are probably reasons for that. Many of these have been on my radar for years, so I might get to them eventually.

How many of these books have you read?


  1. Oh wow apparently I read 33 of these books! I’m a bit surprised by the order of this list though! I did not expect One of us is lying on the thrid place!


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