November 2020 TBR

Let’s start by discussing how many books on my October TBR actually got read. I didn’t do too badly. I read all of the ARC’s I needed to, two of the four Stillhouse Lake books and I am almost done with two others.

So what do I think I will read for the month of November? Some of it still depends on when books I have on hold at the library become available, so a little of this is my best guess. But here are the six books I think I will be reading this month.

  • I had to take a step back from the Stillhouse Lake books, they are just so intense! But I do plan on getting Wolfhunter River and Bitter Falls done this month so that I can be ready to read the last one.
  • Black Powder War is an audiobook that I hope to get to this month as well. It is another one I am waiting on from the library.

I know that I will read more than just these six books, but I am not sure where my mood will lead me this month.

What are your reading plans for November?


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