New Releases-December 2020


I am so glad that it is finally December. I am so ready to be done with 2020, that I will welcome the cold, dark winter with open arms. Now to find some cozy winter reads to get excited about! I found a few, some I have even read already, but I am excited that the rest of you get to read them now.

I am pretty sure that most of you are aware of the last book in the Ember in the Ashes series, A Sky Beyond the Storm, is coming out on the first. I have my copy ordered, do you?

The Bitterwine Oath sounds really creepy, and check out that cover! I didn’t realize there were teeth until I got a bigger version than what I could see on Goodreads thumbnail.

The Good Girls is one I have seen on a lot of lists and is one I am looking forward to. I like the simplicity of the cover too.

How can you look at the cover for Don’t Look and not want to read it? Super chilling and it sounds really good too.

The Last to See Her also sounds like a real page turner.

The Bookworm’s Guide to Faking It is my fun one for the month. It looks and sounds adorable.

These are the three that I have already read and are excited for all of you to finally get the chance to read them too.

So what are you super excited to get your hands on this month?


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