May 2021 New Releases

April ended up being a pretty good month and I am kind of sad to see it ending. But May is looking pretty good at this point, so hopefully the weather will continue to improve and things will continue on this upward trajectory that has buoyed everyone’s spirits.

There are lots of good books coming out this month! Some of these I have already read, and recommend to everyone! The rest are the ones that I am thinking I will be adding to my TBR at some point. There are a couple that are the second books in a trilogy, and I might wait till the third book is out to read. But we shall see.

The Block is the second book in The Loop Trilogy. I read the first book last year and really liked it. I am hoping this one will be just as good, but I might wait for book three before diving in.

Realm Breaker is a bit of a maybe for me. I loved the first two books in the Red Queen series, but book three so annoyed me that I never picked up the last one. But I am willing to give this author another chance.

Blade of Secrets is one that caught my eye, mostly because of the cover, but also the summary sounds like this might be my cup of tea.

I think the cover for Unwritten is my favorite of this month if not the year. Isn’t it gorgeous? I just hope what is between the covers is just as wonderful.

Mister Impossible is the second book in the Dreamer Trilogy. I haven’t read the first one yet, but I am still excited to see this one come out. This is one I might just wait for book three before I start the series. I always feel like this author’s books need to be read one after the other to fully get them.

The Ivies also caught my eye with the cover and the title. It sounds like a great suspense thriller and with the recent admissions scandal it will be very relevant.

Please don’t forget about these beauties that I have already read and reviewed. They are all really good and ones that I recommend you check out this month as well.

The Last Fallen Star is a great addition to the Rick Riordan Presents Imprint base on Korean Mythology.

Thrive is the final book in a stunner of a science fiction trilogy that will scare you and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ophie’s Ghost was actually kind of sweet while also a really good ghost story. It did a really nice job of weaving the historical aspects of that time period with a paranormal twist.

Version Zero was super cool and amazing. Very different from his contemporary works. Great characters and a totally relevant story about privacy and media. I don’t have the review done yet, but hopefully will have it up tomorrow.

What book are you looking forward to getting and possibly reading in May?


  1. I have added “The Ivies” to my TBR pile – thank you! I am a big SUSPENSE reader so I am happy I came across this post. I love that you have such a wide variety of genres you cover too! I wanted to recommend a book that I just finished that I think you might like – “Lucky King” by Bruce Henderson ( – it definitely falls under the speculative fiction/suspense genre BUT it’s also a book with dark humor, some really unique supernatural elements, and a modern take on the 7 deadly sins. Basically – what would happen if your fortune cookie fortune always came true? The Lucky King has the ability to “predict or control” the future of people who get his fortune cookies. This is book one in the series and focuses on super conservative, morally corrupt, radio DJ, Jack DuVal, and his fortune cookie that reads “You will lose what you treasure most.” This prediction affects him as well as other people’s lives that intertwine in unexpected ways. I love the concept of a pre-determined fate and this book covers the topic in a really exciting way. I am sooooo stoked for the other books in the series. Hope you will check it out in the future (I can see you’ve got quite a few books to keep you busy lol). 

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