August 2021 New Releases

It is hard to believe that it is time to talk about books coming out in August! My summer break is about half over and it is time to start thinking about school this fall. But I would rather not, so I’m going to think about what books are coming out instead. There are some good ones coming out next month, although I think September is shaping up to be the best month yet!

I don’t think I have mentioned in awhile how I choose which books to talk about. As you probably know, hundreds of books are published each month, but I only ever talk about a few. Mostly I look at covers and titles that catch my eye, and then of course there are authors who I am always keeping an eye out for. I find the books by looking on NetGalley, GoodReads and other websites.

Books I have read:

These are the ARC’s that I read for August and they were all pretty good and ones I would recommend that you take a look at.

In My Dreams I hold a Knife was a stellar murder mystery that will keep you on your toes as almost everyone involved is a suspect and at times look like they are guilty.

Paper & Blood is the second book of the Ink & Sigil series which was pretty good, although I liked the first book better.

The Devil You Know is also a second book in a series called the Mercenary Librarians. A great dystopian with a nice mix of science fiction and romance.

Books that caught my eye:

A Lesson in Vengeance sounds really good. A boarding school that is haunted and has all sorts of supernatural stuff going down is just what I like in my thrillers. Plus that cover is just gorgeous!

Paula Hawkins is an author I always keep an eye out for and her next book A Slow Fire Burning sounds really good.

The Last Chance Library is my light hearted read for the month. I remember hearing a few years ago that England was closing many of its library for reasons I can’t remember, but probably financial. This sounds really sweet and I am a sucker for books about libraries.

The Witch Haven also sounds interesting. Witches seem to be having a resurgence lately which is fine by me. This one is also a school based story, but it is also historical fiction set in 1911 New York City. Sounds like fun.

Funny how most of these are all coming out on the 31st! I think the publishers are looking at all of the great books coming out in September and are trying to be out before then, but still be part of that group. Just guessing, I really don’t have any idea how they decide when a book should be published.

Well I hope you found a book or two to add your TBR. What book are you looking forward to reading next month?


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