Monthly Wrap-up: August 2021

Well Summer has come and is mostly gone. Although the weather here in the Pacific Northwest is usually at its best in September. Cool crisp days and nights with lots of sun, so I can’t really complain. I will complain a bit about having to go back to work, but I actually do enjoy my job, so I don’t complain too loudly.

August was a pretty good reading month, with 17 total books read and all of them good ones. I don’t think I was disappointed by any of them. Lots of ARC’s too, and they were also good.

The Deep was a very interesting twist on the sinking of the Titanic. I liked the paranormal twist and how it also affected the sinking of the Britannica.

The Last Graduate was amazing and that ending! I am very excited for the last book to come out, because I really need to know what happens to these characters.

Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village is a hoot of a little book. Loved the illustrations and if you are a fan of British mysteries you must read this.

Into the Water was a great dark and twisty psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. I did pretty much figure it all out though, but it was still fun watching the characters on their journeys.

I absolutely loved and adored Any Way the Wind Blows. It was the perfect ending for these characters. So much growth in all of them, but especially Simon.

All These Bodies was such a good, but such a different kind of story. I was very intrigued by the whole idea, and had a hard time deciding what was true or real.

Storm Front was a lot of fun and a series that I want to pursue. I loved Harry Dresden and his very dry sense of humor. If you love urban fantasy, then this is a series you want to try.

This Mortal Coil was an interesting science fiction about a virus that kills whoever it infects. Even though this series was written long before our current situation, there are some eerily similarities.

The Thursday Murder Club was a really fun read. It has a cozy mystery feel to it, but the plot is very complex and will keep you guessing as to who is guilty and who is not quite innocent.

As Good As Dead was so dark and twisty, I really enjoyed it. It is different than the other two books in the series, but it does bring the whole series full circle and the ending is very satisfying.

The Serpent Sea is book two in the Books of the Raksura series. I enjoyed this one and liked the fast moving plot. The world building in this series is amazing and there are so many different species and cultures!

This Cruel Design continues the story started in This Mortal Coil. This one dragged a little bit for my and the romance started to overshadow the main plot, which I didn’t really like. But overall a really good story with some nice twists at the end.

While I did like Once Upon a Broken Heart, I never really felt connected to the characters or the story. But I really think that was on me. I will still read the next book and I might even reread this one.

Survive the Night was mind blowing. So many twist and you are just never sure what is real and what is only going on in the main characters own head. I loved the ending and never saw that final twist coming. This would make a great book club choice as there would be a lot to discuss.

The Siren Depths I think is my favorite of this series so far! ( I do think we need a cover change though, not a big fan especially this one) I just couldn’t put this one down. Loved the story and the characters.

Lock Every Door was really good. I totally thought the book was going in another direction right up to when we find out what is really going on in that building!

This Vicious Cure is the last book in this series. It has a pretty good ending and the series was good on the whole. I did have a couple of issues with it but will save that for my series review which I will try to post next week.

I don’t expect to get as much reading done this month, but I will try to do my best and to keep the reviews coming as well. I hope you have a good week of reading!


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