The Count to 10 With Me Book Tag

It is time for another book tag, and this is a good one. I first saw it on dinipandareads and she had some great answers. The original tag was created by booktuber Alyce @ The Bumbling Blogger.

1st Book in a Series

This was hard only because I couldn’t decide which series to pick from! But I finally decided on:

2 or More Copies of the Same Book

This one stumped me for awhile, because I just don’t do this. But then I remembered that I do have two copies of this book. I bought the paperback a long time ago, but always wanted a hardcover copy. When the TV show came out they reissued it and I was able to get one!

3 Colors on the Cover

This was kind of hard, because every book I looked at seemed to have less or more than 3 colors. I finally decided that the different shades of blue on this cover count as one color.

4 or More Perspectives

Another hard one! I’m pretty sure this one had more than four perspectives although most of the chapters were told from Jay’s perspective.

5 Star Read

So hard to pick just one, so I decided to go with my last five star read.

6 or More Short Stories

I was able to nail this one down to an anthology with just 6 stories. That was exciting! I think you can only buy them as a kindle ebook, so no cover for the whole anthology. It is called the Forward Collection and this is the first story.

7 on the Cover

This was a really hard one because I didn’t want to go with the most obvious, which is what I thought of first. So few books have seven in the title. Then this one showed up on my NetGalley feed today. It doesn’t come out till next year, but it sounds really good.

8 Letters in the Title

This one just took a little digging into my lists on GoodReads.

Book Ends on a Page Ending in 9

Thank you GoodReads for having page numbers in your settings. Otherwise this one would have been impossible! This one has 389 pages.

10 Books in the Series

I really wanted to find a series with just ten books, but I couldn’t come up with one. The Temeraire series comes the closest with 9 novels and then a collection of short stories set in the same world which does add up to ten!

That was a lot of fun to do. I wasn’t tagged for this so I won’t tag you, but I would love to see your answers so consider yourself tagged!


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