Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2021

Wow, what a month! Things were a bit crazy with school starting in person this month with all that that entailed. I spent the first couple of weeks totally exhausted and didn’t get much done outside of work. But I did manage to read 12 books which was not bad.

Cackle was such a delightful and witchy read. I really liked the characters and the story was great too.

Aurora Rising was a reread, and I listened to the audiobook which I cannot recommend enough to you. It was amazing, with a full cast and sound effects. This is one not to be missed.

Trailer Park Trickster was another great read. I liked it just as much as the first book, and can’t wait to see where they all go in the next one.

Homegrown Hero was such a wonderful book, full of morally gray characters, but many of them you end up rooting for anyways.

Stories of the Raksura was a collection of novellas and short stories set in the World of the Raksura books. Some had to do with Moon and other characters from the stories, some were set in other places and times of this world with different characters.

Seriously, you really need to listen to the audiobooks for the Aurora Cycle books. It was such a delight to listen to Aurora Burning.

The Final Girl Support Group ended up not being as good as I thought it would be. If you are into horror movies, you might appreciate it more than I did. I was still a good read though.

Fool Moon was awesome! I loved the audiobook, James Marsters voice just fits Harry Dresden perfectly. Still waiting on book three to become available through the library, hopefully soon.

Aurora’s End was so good, and a perfect ending for this story of found family. I sort of missed the banter between Squad 312 as they spent most of the book apart from each other, but otherwise it was perfect.

The Lies They Tell was interesting. Even though I figured out who had done the murders pretty quick, there were enough red herrings scattered throughout the book, that I often had my doubts that I was right. The narration of the book could have been better too.

Well Matched was such a fun and delightful rom-com. It is the third in the series and featured one of my favorite characters.

The Edge of Worlds is the fourth book in the Raksura series. I continue to be amazed at all of the different creatures and sentient beings that inhabit this world. I have one more book to go and then I will write a series review.

Well that was my reading month. I hope you all also had a great month of reading.

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