My Back List TBR

One of my ongoing goals for the past couple of years is to read back list books that I happen to own. Many of these were ones that I purchased when they came out, but I never got around to reading. Some are books I picked up at conferences, and was super excited about when I picked them up, but never got around to reading. A couple of them are books that I was given, and were not exactly my cup of tea, but felt obligated to keep and maybe even read, but never got around to it.

I have steadily been going through these the last couple of years and am now down to around 20 of them. I went through these and sorted them into three categories: ones I still want to read, ones I maybe want to read, and egads why do I still have that? I have set those last ones aside to be donated. There are three I am still on the fence about. But my still want to read stack is now down to 11 books and here it is:

I really have no excuses as to why I haven’t read these yet. Most of them are by favorite authors, which makes it even harder for me to believe that I haven’t touched them since I bought them. A couple of them are the firsts in a series, and I keep thinking that I should wait till the series is done and then I can read the all of the books straight through, but I think that is just an excuse.

I have shifted all of these over to my bedside table, so that I will see them and maybe be guilted into reading them. My thinking is that I am going to try and read one of them each month and that should get me through the year. Wish me luck!


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