Veronica Speedwell #7

An Impossible Impostor by Deanna Raybourn

Read by Angele Masters

Publication Date: February 15, 2022

Summary from Goodreads:

London, 1889. Veronica Speedwell and her natural historian beau Stoker are summoned by Sir Hugo Montgomerie, head of Special Branch. He has a personal request on behalf of his goddaughter, Euphemia Hathaway. After years of traveling the world, her eldest brother, Jonathan, heir to Hathaway Hall, was believed to have been killed in the catastrophic eruption of Krakatoa a few years before.

But now a man matching Jonathan’s description and carrying his possessions has arrived at Hathaway Hall with no memory of his identity or where he has been. Could this man truly be Jonathan, back from the dead? Or is he a devious impostor, determined to gain ownership over the family’s most valuable possessions–a legendary parure of priceless Rajasthani jewels? It’s a delicate situation, and Veronica is Sir Hugo’s only hope.

Veronica and Stoker agree to go to Hathaway Hall to covertly investigate the mysterious amnesiac. Veronica is soon shocked to find herself face-to-face with a ghost from her past. To help Sir Hugo discover the truth, she must open doors to her own history that she long believed to be shut for good.


I can not begin to express how much I have been enjoying this series. I was a little bit worried that this would be the last book, but with the way things were left at the end of this one, I know that there will be at least one more.

Veronica and Stoker continue to make a formidable team in this new installment. I just love these two together and how well they compliment each other’s skills and intellect. They are both scientists and their approach to life reflects this. But they truly care for each other and at times even can predict what the other one is thinking. We learn a bit more about Veronica’s past in this story, and it was bit surprising. Both she and Stoker struggle with these new revelations, and it puts a strain on their relationship. But their love for each other still shines through.

Lots of new characters in this story as well as some old characters making appearances. I loved Euphenia, and felt so sorry for her and her situation. But she was quite the determined young lady and was not going to take anything lying down. Her brother and his wife were quite awful as were their children.

Without giving to much away about the imposter, I found his character to be awful and delightful at the same time. He was certainly someone not to be trusted even when he was being his most helpful.

The plot of this story is different from the others. For one there is no murder for them to solve, but rather a series of thefts that have occured in the past and present. There were still some surprises and some twists that kept the plot moving at a quick pace. This story also touches on the colonization of India by England and how the Indians were oppressed. As well as a look at how women of this time period were often at the mercy of the men in their families for their livelihoods and their status in society.

If you have not read this series I highly recommend that you pick it up. There are wonderful characters and storylines that will keep you coming back for more. Even thought this one can be read without having read the others, you would be missing out on a great series. I recommend that you start at the beginning with A Curious Beginning. If you want to know more about the series, check out my series review here.

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