Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2022

February kind of flew by, even for such a short month. I struggled with a couple of my books, which I think is why I have only 13 books read. For the most part I enjoyed the books I read this month, although there were only a couple that I loved.

The Bone Orchard was a little bit of a disappointment. There were sections that were confusing and the world building needed a bit of work, as did the magical system.

Beach Read was good, just not the romcom I was expecting from the blurb. It was a little to serious for what I wanted to read at the time.

Changes was awesome and amazing! I am still anxiously awaiting for the next one in the series to come from the library. Hopefully it will come soon.

A Blizzard of Polar Bears was also really good, but I did have a couple of issues with some of it. It also got a little bogged down in the science.

Gone to the Woods was really good, but kind of sad. I had no idea that Gary Paulsen had such a horrible childhood. It is a wonder that he was able to function as an adult.

In the Serpent’s Wake was good, but also a little disappointing. I am hoping that there will be another book in this series as some of the plot felt unfinished.

A Fine Summer’s Day was really good. I enjoyed seeing Ian before the war that changed his life so dramatically. The mystery was excellent as well.

A Spoonful of Murder was also good, but lacked a little something. The characters were hard to tell apart at times and the mystery was easy to figure out.

Bloodlines was good, but it felt more science fiction than urban fantasy. I did like the plot and the characters though.

Black Sun was a reread and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. I have started the next book in the series and I am enjoying it so far.

A Great and Terrible Beauty was good. I liked the characters and the story was interesting. I will probably pick up the next book eventually.

Daughter of the Deep was a lot of fun. I loved the alt tech and the plot was wonderful if a bit slow in spots. I also like the main character Anna. Can’t wait to see where this goes though.

Once More Upon a Time was a fun quick read that I really enjoyed. It is a story of love lost and found wrapped up in a fairy tale. I loved how the old tales were woven into this story.

Overall this was a pretty good reading month. I still hope that March will be slightly better with more stellar and exciting reads. Happy reading!


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