Mercenary Librarians #3

This is third book in an ongoing series. There will not be spoilers for this one but there might be some for the first two books. Read at your own peril. My reviews of book one and two can be found here and here.

Dance with the Devil by Kit Rocha

Publication Date: August 16, 2022

Summary from NetGalley:


Tobias Richter, the fearsome VP of Security of the TechCorps is dead. The puppetmaster is gone and the organization is scrambling to maintain control by ruthlessly limiting Atlanta’s access to resources, hoping to quell rebellion. Our band of mercenary librarians have decided that the time for revolution has come.

Maya uses her wealth of secrets to weaken the TechCorps from within. Dani strikes from the shadows, picking off the chain of command one ambush at a time. And Nina is organizing their community—not just to survive, but to fight back. When Maya needs to make contact with a sympathetic insider, Dani and Rafe are the only ones with the skill-set and experience to infiltrate the highest levels of the TechCorps. They’ll go deep undercover in the decadent, luxury-soaked penthouses on the Hill.

Bringing Dani face-to-face with the man who turned her into a killer. And forcing Rafe to decide how far he’ll go to protect both of his families—the one he was born to, and the one he made for himself.

Victory will break the back of Power. Failure will destroy Atlanta.

ARC provided by MAcmillan-Tor via NetGalley for an honest review.


This is the third book in a post apocalyptic world with lots of steamy romance, kickass action and some political machinations thrown into the mix just to make things interesting. I have enjoyed all three of these books, and certainly hope that there will be more. I just love this found family and want to spend a lot more time with them.

As with the previous two books there are multiple perspectives, with a focus on the romantic couple, who get most of the page time. This time around we get to see Dani and Rafe finally come together, and when they finally do the sparks just fly and I am surprised that they did not set my ipad on fire! I have really enjoyed these two since the first book and was really hoping that when they did finally get together it would be epic, and I was not disappointed. I really liked that Rafe realized that he needed to go slowly with Dani, so that their relationship would not crash and burn before it even began. I also appreciated Dani’s hesitancy to start something with Rafe, because she wanted to protect him and herself from heartbreak.

The plot outside of the romance was exciting and full of action. The crew infiltrates TechCorps and we get to see how the rich have been living in this world, and it was quite the eye opener. The opulence and the total disregard for human life was mind boggling, but was to be expected given what we know already about TechCorps and who runs it. The overall plot that has been developing over the course of this series, is for the most part resolved in this book. But there are certainly enough threads left dangling at the end of this one that there could be a lot more books.

The other thing that sets these books apart from other sci fi series, is how well the characters are written and how vividly the setting/world is drawn. The two ladies who write these books do such a marvelous job of totalling immersing you in their stories and have you rooting for the characters, even sometimes the ones that you don’t like that much. I also love the sense of community and found families that this series has continued to showcase. It gives me hope that even when humanity is at its worst there will be people who will shine as the best that we have to offer.

This is another great installment in this series. If you enjoy science fiction with some steamy sex and romance, then you really need to give this one a try. If you are not a science fiction fan but enjoy great romance, than you should also give this one a try. It just might change your mind about science fiction.

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