The “I’ll Get Around to it Later” Book Tag

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge procrastinator. I will put off doing things until the last second, especially if it is something I don’t really want to do. I have gotten a bit better about this over the years, but it is still a problem that I know I have to deal with. The one thing I don’t really procrastinate over is reading. Although there are a few books that I keep meaning to read…..

So when I saw this tag on dinipandareads I just knew I had to do it! Thank you Dini and I loved your answers.

The Rules:

  1. Link back to the original post at Quote, Unquote so the creator can read your answers.
  2. Link back to the post of the person who tagged you and thank them.
  3. You may use the included graphic anywhere in your post, but you don’t have to. 
  4. Fill in all seven categories.
  5. You can either leave this tag open so anyone can do it or tag up to seven people.

1. A Classic book that you have been meaning to read forever but haven’t yet

This was actually a hard one to answer as I have read so many classics over the years. But I think I am going to go with Dracula by Bram Stoker. I read a lot of vampire books, but never the original one, and that somehow seems wrong.

2. A book on your shelf that you haven’t read yet

I received Where the Crawdads Sing at a Christmas book exchange the year it came out I think, and it is still sitting on the shelf unread. I don’t really have a good excuse, as it is just the type of book I should like, but when ever I am looking for a book to read, I always pass it over. I recently watched the movie, and liked it, so I might just give the book a try.

3. A book that you got recently that you haven’t read

I borrowed Malibu Rising from the library at the beginning of April and still haven’t read it. It is on the top of my list for this month.

4. A book that you’ve had forever but haven’t read

I’m fudging this one a little bit as Devil in the White City is actually a book that my husband bought ages ago. He has read it, I have not, but I keep looking at it thinking that someday I will pick it up. This might be the year, as reading nonfiction has been one of my goals.

5. A book a friend recommended that you haven’t read

My sister recently recommended The Ravenwood Mysteries to me, and they sound really good. I hope to start this one, once I am done with a couple of other series I am reading.

6. A book you’re procrastinating on

I really want to read The World We Make, but I really need to be in the right headspace to do it. It is the second book in a series and I also need to reread the first book, because it has been so long, I barely remember it. It has a very twisty and complex plot and other things that make it a book you really have to pay attention to, so yeah, not sure when I will get to it.

7. The next book on your TBR

I am really looking forward to reading A Winter Grave in the next day or two. It sounds amazing and has had some wonderful reviews. It is a near future mystery that takes place in Scotland.

That was really a lot of fun, and now I need to go and stop procrastinating about some of these books! I’m not going to tag anyone specific, so if you want to participate consider yourself tagged!

May the 4th be with you!


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