Tell the Wind and Fire by Sara Brees Brennan

This is a really good book.  I really enjoy when an author can imagine a very different world with magic in it.  The magic in this world manifests into two types, Light magic which draws it’s power from jewels and Dark magic which uses blood.  As you can imagine, the

Book Trailer

people who wield Light Magic are the ones in charge, the ruling class, the Dark magicians are exiled to their own city, where they are not given much.  The story is based on the Charles Dickens novel, A tale of Two Cities, and roughly follows the plot of that classic tale.  The young girl Lucie, is a Light Magician, but she was raised in the Dark City.  Before this story starts, her father had been wrongly imprisoned and Lucie and her Aunt, (a Dark Magician) devise a plan to have him released.  Part of this plan makes Lucie into a symbol for the resistance group of the Dark Magicians.  She is able to get her father released and has been living in the Light City for two years when the story starts. You can watch the book trailer for more info about the book.  The characters were solid and very believable.  I really came to believe in them and their causes.  Although I’m pretty sure the book is a stand alone, I’m sort of hoping for a sequel, in that the ending left some of the story lines hanging, and I would love to learn about what happened to the characters.  Read from a copy received from  Came out today!

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