Sunday Confessions

weekly update

My summer break officially started this past week.  So lots of time for reading.  I don’t really have any plans for my break as far as traveling goes.  I have a one day conference here in July.  Then I will be going to Connecticut to visit Family in August.  My husband and I will probably do some short trips in state or close by, maybe Canada.

I do plan on working on my blog, the way it looks and some other adjustments. So don’t be too surprised when you open it one day and see something totally different. I’m also planning on joining some other social medias to promote my blog.  I’m already on Pinterest and I have an account on Instagram though I have yet to post a picture (also on my summer to do list).  I’m planning on joining Twitter and maybe even Facebook, although I have avoided that one for so long I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it.  I’m sure there are lots of other things I could do, but I’m starting small.

Nothing really bookish to talk about this week, except that I really missed being at the ALA conference this year.  From the posts I’ve seen it was pretty awesome.

Book Reviews

Here are my book reviews for this week:

Monday: Blue Moon Narthex by N.J.  Donner. Interesting read.

Tuesday: Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman.  Great middle grade book for kids who like scavenger hunts and breaking codes. 

Wednesday: Now that I’m done with work for the summer, I might try to post something extra each week.  Not sure what yet, so it will be a surprise for both of us!

Thursday: Amid Stars and Darkness by Chani Lynn Feener.  I thought I was done with my NetGalley reads for this month, but I saw this one and it sounded so good I couldn’t pass it up. 

Friday:   The End of Oz by Danielle Paige.  The last book in the series? I was surprised that the last one wasn’t the last, so I’m just assuming from the title.

Currently Reading

I will finally start Strange the Dreamer this week. I have heard such good things about this book that I am really looking forward to reading it!  Sparks of Light is my NetGalley read for the week.  It is a sequel to a time travel book called Into the Dim, which I read and enjoyed last year.  Looking forward to learning what happens to everyone.  Blackbringer is the first book that Laini Taylor published.  I always like to see where authors started.  I might put this off till I’m done with Dreamer though.  It is sometimes hard to read two books by an author at the same time.  

That is all of my confessions for the week! Hope you are all enjoying your summers and getting lots of reading done.

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