Top Five Wednesday – Naughty List

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This week’s Top Five list is about Characters that would be on Santa’s Naughty list.  They don’t need to be villains, just characters you don’t like very much.  I thought this one would be easy but as I sat down to write it I found myself having too many characters on my list.  So I tried to narrow it down to characters in the books I read this year (or their sequels).  Let’s see if you agree with me on these naughty boys and girls. 

1. The entire cast of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.The Cruel Prince

I finished this last week and hope to have a review up by tomorrow.  But I will say this, there is not one single character in that book that I can honestly say I liked.  They are all cruel and nasty in their own ways and pretty much all deserve what they got.  I really liked the book though, it was very, very dark and an interesting take on the Fairy court. 

Scarecrow Queen2. Aurek, the Sleeping Prince from The Sin Eater’s Daughter series by Melinda Salisbury

I’m finishing up the last book in this series right now, and I always knew he was a nasty piece of work, but he really shines in this one.  The way he manipulates and treats everyone, even the people he supposedly trusts is astonishing.  I really hope to never meet this guy on a dark street somewhere. 

An Ember in the Ashes3. The Commandant from the An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir.

I have often wondered what makes the Commandant so cruel and unforgiving.  What is it in her past that did that? Some of it of course probably has to do with how they train the silver masks, but I think there is more to her than we know.  I hope the next book gives us some more background on her and why she is the way she is.  I would also like to put the new covers for this series on the naughty list as well, not a big fan and the third book does not match the other two, which I really hate. 

Thousandth Floor4. Leda Cole from The Thousandth Floor by Katherine McGhee

I ended up liking Leda in the second book, but boy was she a piece of work in the first one.  She could still be nasty at times in the second book, but she was beginning to realize that maybe that wasn’t the best way to get through life.  In the first book though, I was really hoping that she was going to be the one that fell.  Alas, nope she wasn’t. but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t up to it to her eyeballs by the end of the book. 

Renegades5. Ingrid, the Detonator, from Renegades by Marissa Meyer

I really didn’t like Ingrid from the moment we first meet her.  She was bitter and nasty and didn’t treat anyone nicely.  She also had a total disregard for life.  She didn’t care who was hurt or killed, even innocent people, as long as she got what she wanted out of it.   All of the other Anarchists have some redeeming qualities, but not her.  She got what she deserved in the end. 

That is my naughty list, what did you think?  As always, please stop by the Goodreads Top Five Wednesday Group page to see what others have come up with. 


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