February Wrap Up


Wow, I can’t believe that this mont is almost over.  It certainly was a pretty busy month for me, between travel and work there wasn’t a lot of time for reading.  I did still manage to get 12 books done, but I was hoping for more especially with a week off from work.  Alas, the Olympics also cut into my reading time, but I was ok with that, I really enjoy watching athletes at their peak doing their best to win gold! 

I also celebrated an anniversary last week, I started my blog two years ago this month.  I can’t really count the first six months to a year though, I didn’t post that much and spent a lot of time just figuring out how it was going to look and what my focus was going to be.  I really only can count one full of year of awesome fun blogging!  But I’m celebrating anyways.  

Book Reviews

So much to tell you about what I did this month it is hard to know where to start.  Let’s start with the books I’ve read this month.

I wrote reviews for most of these, and there are a couple that the reviews will come out in a week or two.  This was a pretty mixed bag of genres and one was even an adult book!  A Study in Charlotte I am reading, or I should say listening to,  again in anticipation of the new one coming out in March. I will also be listening to the second one. The audio books are excellent and I highly recommend them.  I’m not sure I can pick a favorite this month, there were so many good ones for so many different reasons.  I think my least favorite was Wonder Woman. I know, I am hanging my head in shame, but I just couldn’t connect with this book.  I hope to have a review up about it soon. 

Book Reviews (1)

There are not a lot of books coming out in March that I am particularly looking forward to.  One of them, The Heart Forger, I’ve already read.  The other two I’m really looking forward to coming out this month is Obsidio (The Illuminae Files #3) by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and The Case for Jamie (Charlotte Holmes #3) by Brittany Cavellero.  There are a couple more that I might read this month that are coming out, but they are not super high on my list: 

Restore Me By Tahereh Mafi.  I really liked the Shatter Me series, but I feel like I need to reread it to really enjoy this new one and I just don’t have the time right now.  So it will have to wait.

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir.  I almost picked this up in NetGalley, but I have recently been seeing some good reviews about it. If I have the time I might pick this one up.

State Of Sorrow by Melissa Salisbury.  I really liked the Sin Eater’s Daughter series, so I’m pretty sure that this one will be good to.

I have two more NetGalley reads this month that should be interesting:

To Kill a Kingdom sounds like a really dark retelling of the Little Mermaid and Strangers is based on Native American mythology and is a mystery to boot.  Love the covers for both of these as well.  (I’ve linked their titles to their Goodreads Summaries.  Take a look, I dare you not to add them to your TBR)

Mostly I will probably be spending March catching up on the books that have come out this year that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. Or maybe ones that came out last year, we will see what I feel in the mood for.  Or one of the many ARC’s  I scored at ALA. 

Bookish Thought (1)

I went to Denver this month for the ALA Midwinter Conference and had a lot of fun!  Again I was disappointed that there were not a lot of big name authors there signing books, but I did see a few giving talks.   I had a lovely luncheon with Scholastic and three of their up and coming authors, plus a couple of other more well known ones. 

Meg Cabot and Ridley Pearson

DC Comics announced that they will be publishing some graphic novels for middle grades based on their superheroes.  But the really big news is the authors that are writing them.  They had a panel that include Danielle Paige (Dorthy must Die), Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries), Ridley Pearson (Peter and the Stargazers) and one other person who I didn’t know and whose name I can’t remember, but I think she is well known in the GN world. Check out the official announcement here for the other big names such as Marie Lu and Kami Garcia.  I’m not a huge GN reader, but I will probably pick these up. 


I did however score on the free books and ARC’s at the conference.  I picked up about 20 books for my school library and many ARC’s for me to check out as well as the kids.  I have a small group of kids who I often have read ARC’s for me and give me their opinions.  Plus lots of ARC’s and some books in the YA and Adult categories for me to read and review, YEAH!  My favorite score is Legendary by Stephanie Garber.  I kept hoping that it would show up on NetGalley but it hadn’t by the time I left, so I went on the hunt for it at the publisher’s booth.  Of course as soon as I got home, it was on Netgalley, so now I can switch platforms if I want.  

Here are some pictures of my books and ARC’s I scored (sorry I am not a very good photographer, which is why I never post on Instagram or my own pictures here)


Legendary has a plain white cover, but came with this nice poster.  Publishers are also always handing out bags, to carry all those books.  My favorites were the one from Scholastic and the one from Houghton Mifflin for Brightly Burning which also came with buttons!  They are really nice cloth ones with great sayings on them. 

I walked around with the Scholastic one with the ‘I Read YA’ showing, so that publishers would hopefully give me YA ARC’s even though my badge said Elementary.  It worked for the most part. The next conference is in New Orleans in June.  I really want to go, but not sure if I can swing another conference this year.

I also got to see the Youth Media Awards announcements which was fun.  I usually try to stream it live every year, so it was fun to actually be in the room for the announcements.  I was surprised that The Hate You Give only received a Printz honor, but was glad that they chose We Are OK for the award.  Not many other surprises.  If you are interested the list of books can be found here.  Some of the Alex Awards (adult books with YA appeal) looked and sounded pretty good this year.  I will probably check some of them out. 

So that is my wrap up for this month.  March probably will not be as busy, so hopefully more books will get read.  Are there any you are anticipating this month that maybe I missed?  Let me know in the comments. 

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