2018 Favorite – Part Three

2018 part three

My Favorite Science Fiction Reads of the year. 

This was a really great year for science fiction.  I just wish I had read a little bit more of it.  I am going to be making it a focus for next year though.

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These three fall into the horror science fiction, something that you really don’t want to see happen in real life.

Pitch Dark happens in space and has some pretty scary monsters.  I liked the Latina aspect of the story as well.  

Plague Land Reborn is the second in a planned trilogy and this one just might give you nightmares.  It is actually an alien invasion, but nothing like you have seen before.

Last Chance is the second in a duology and is also an alien invasion, but also not like anything typical.  What happens to the adults in the book is mind blowing.  I would like to see a follow up story about how the kids left behind cope in the aftermath. 

These three are all starts to new series that I will definitely be reading to the end.  

LifeL1k3 is a retelling of the Romanov story, which I didn’t catch until the end.  It had some pretty awesome world building and very cool technology.

Ignite the Stars has a premise that is a little odd, but it ended up being pretty good.  Nice world building and interesting characters.

Honor Among Thieves has the most inventive and interesting alien I have ever seen.  Loved the relationship that developed between Zara and Nadim.

These are continuing series and I think they will all conclude in 2019.

Defy the Worlds has one of my favorite AI’s of all time.  I love watching Abel and Noemi’s relationship develop and change.  The scope of the world they live in is also fascinating.  

Between Frost and Fury is a love story wrapped up in an alien world.  This second book went in a direction that was totally unexpected and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds from here. 

Smoke and Iron is the fourth book in this series and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.  I love the alternate world where the Library rules everyone.  A really stunning series.  

Thunderhead is the second in one of the best series ever! 

These three were my favorite stand alone books in the science fiction genre this year.  

Legion is actually three novellas bound together, and some might argue that it is not science fiction, but some of the plots points certainly fall into this category.  It is certainly one of the quirkiest books I read this year, with a great main character. 

Dry is a book that will leave you thinking.  It is one that I still have mulling around in the back of my head.  Brilliantly executed and very hard to put down.  A future that could happen. 

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe was not at all what I was expecting which is how it made it onto my favorites list.  The twist at the end was hard to see, and very well executed. 

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Finished series

This year was a great year for finished series as well.  

Both Warcross and the Illuminae Files have had a lot of hype, and it is well deserved.  I really enjoyed these two series and would recommend them to any one.  

The Thousandth Floor series could easily be a contemporary, but the tech and the towers makes this a fascinating world to visit.  The story is good and the characters are people you would like to spend time with. 

Some might argue that the Zeroes series is more fantasy than science fiction, but I placed it here because the abilities the kids have are more extensions of what we are already capable of doing, just sort of magnified.   I did not reread the first two books before tackling this one, but I really want to read them all together.  I think the social/morality aspects of what is going on is better understood when read all together. 


And Finally I have to do one more plug for my favorite Science Fiction series this year, The Murderbot Diaries.  This is such an amazing series and I encourage everyone to read it.  I don’t think there are any more stories planned but I really hope to see more of Murderbot in the future. 

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That is a wrap on my favorite Science Fiction reads from 2018.  Tomorrow will be my last post for this year and will be about the fantasy books I loved.  

Did you read any good science fiction books this year?


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