September 2020 Releases

This month is going to be pretty busy with lots of new releases. Mostly because lots of publishers decided last spring to move a lot of books forward into the fall. I saw somewhere that there was one day where 600+ books were coming out!? Unreal. It took me awhile to comb through them all, but here are some books that I am excited to get my hands on next month. I think publishers are done moving dates around, but do double check the dates. I might have missed one.

Let’s get started…

Cemetery Boys has been getting a lot of hype, which always makes me wary of a book, but I have enjoyed other books about bruja magic and this one sounds like it would be interesting.

The Lost Book of the White is the next adventure in the Eldest Curses. You know I need my Magnus fix.

As the Shadow Rises is the next book in the Age of Darkness series. I really enjoyed book one so I am looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

The Other Side of the Sky is new collaboration between these two wonderful authors. It sounds really interesting.

#noescape is the prequel to the #murdertrending books. I really enjoyed the first book, so I am really excited to read about how it all got started.

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London is the newest YA from Garth Nix. I just got approved for an ARC for this, which hopefully I will get read before the release date.

Crush is the sequel to Crave and I am really excited to see where this series is going. Plus, I really want to see more of my favorite dragon, Flint.

The Midnight Library is a slight departure from my usual reads, but there was just something about this one that is drawing me to it.

A Deadly Education sounds like the perfect book to read in October. I haven’t yet read anything by this author, but she is loved by many.

Skyhunter is a new book by one of my favorite authors. I received an ARC for it, but still need to read it.

Books I have read already:

These are all books coming out next month too, that I was able to get the ARCs for. They were all super good, so I just wanted to give them another plug.

Wayward Witch is the last of the Brooklyn Brujas stories. Not quite as good as the other three, but still worth reading if you enjoyed the other two.

Queen of Volts was a wonderful ending for a great series that I will definitely go back too. Loved the characters and the world building was amazing.

Even if We Break starts off a little slow and I found it hard to get into. But once things take off it is hard to put down. My review will be up next week.

Well Played was a great romcom that I really enjoyed.

It will certainly be a busy month. What books are you looking forward to getting your hands on?


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