Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2020

Well this has been an interesting reading month. I only completed 9 books, but in my defense many of them (5 to be exact) were 400+ pages long. And with school starting up again virtually, I had little to no time to read anything. But I have to say that the few I did get read were all excellent and books that I would recommend to anyone.

Skyhunter was an excellent first book in a new duology from one of my favorite authors. Wonderful read with great characters and an interesting plot.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is perhaps my favorite read of the year. Wonderful and beautiful. A must read for everyone.

The Lost Book of the White was a fun read, mostly because it was fun to see the gang from the Mortal Instruments back together and fighting demons.

Ten Thousand Skies Above You was one of the two audiobooks I got done this month. I really enjoyed the multi-verse concept in this one and the moral and ethical issues it brought up.

The Searcher was a quiet mystery set in the Irish country side. I really enjoyed the characters and the small town life portrayed here.

Auxiliary London 2039 was creepy and scary but really good. Makes you think about the technology in your life and how it might turn against you.

Speaking about technology being used against you, Attack Surface will really make you paranoid about how companies and the government are spying on you. I should have the review for this one up soon.

Ghosts was the third and kind of last book in The Reckoners series. The story is going to continue but in graphic novel form. Great story about an indigenous superhero by an own voices author.

A Million Worlds with You was the final book in the Firebird Trilogy. Great ending, I had a hard time trying to imagine how the series was going to end, but the author did an excellent job.

That was my reading this month. Not much else to report on. The only other exciting thing that happened to me this month was getting to see Victoria Schwab live on Instagram. This is kind of a fun story. I had just finished Adie LaRue and went on Instagram to see if she had any artwork from the story posted, and all of a sudden a post of a live Q & A came up happening that moment. So I got to spend a half hour listening to her talk about writing and her books and other things. It was so fun and I was so glad I was on Instagram to see it. It is posted on her account if you want to watch it.

I hope your reading month was awesome and that you are looking for something new and exciting to read next month.


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