February 2021 TBR

January certainly went by slowly. It has been very rainy, especially at the start of the month, and then things at work got a little crazy which made the month really drag. There is still about a 4 days left of the month as I write this, so it is still hard to wrap my head around a new month starting. But I have some reads coming up that I am very excited about.

ARC’s that I need to read.

I have three ARC’s that I need to read for March and I am looking forward to all three of these.

Down Comes the Night is a gothic horror romance that sounds like the perfect Valentine’s day read. Just kidding, sort of. This does sound like a really good book to read by the fire on a snowy night though.

Heartbreak Bay is the last book that Rachel Caine wrote before she died last fall. I need to read two more of the books in the series before I get to this one.

I can’t believe that Amanda Foody is writing a middle grade series! I am so excited to read the first book in the Wilderlore series. It sounds really exciting and super fun plus it is an urban fantasy!

Library books I hope to get soon.

Hold Back the Tide is actually on it’s way to me so I might start it before February starts, but we will see. I am really looking forward to reading this one. I always enjoy this author’s work.

Five Total Strangers is also one that I might get before the month officially starts but we will see. I hope we get some snow soon. It would be perfect to read while watching the snow come down.

The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating will hopefully show up for Valentine’s Day, but it probably won’t. That’s ok, I really don’t mind as I don’t hold to reading romances on that day. But I have had my eye on this series for awhile and think this would be a good month to give it a try.

I saw a review this weekend for the seventh book in this series and it really peaked my interest. Slow Horses is about a group of screw-up MI5 agents, who despite their issues manage to do their jobs and do them well.

Other books I want to read

I really want to read book three and four in the StillHouse Lake series before reading the last book. They tend to be pretty quick reads, so I should be able to do it.

Sorcery of Thorns is a book I have been wanting to reread, so I think this might be the perfect month to do that.

Of Wicked Blood is one of my most anticipated books this month. I am hoping to get a copy when it comes out on the 2nd or shortly thereafter. It sounds really good.

I just checked my January TBR list and I am happy to say that I read all of them! Yeah me! Hopefully I will do just as well in February.

What books are you planning on reading in February?


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