March 2021 TBR

Even though it will still feel like winter around here for awhile, March always makes me think of the warmer days ahead. Hopefully this March will not be as wet as the last two months have been. I’m okay with it not being sunny and warm, I’m just kind of tired of the rain, more so than usual.

Before I get into my TBR for March, let’s take a look back at my post for February and see how I did. I had eleven books on my TBR list and I managed to read 9 of them. Which is not too bad. A couple of the others have yet to arrive from the library, so not my fault. But overall I’m pretty pleased with how well I did.

ARC’s I need to read

I have four ARC’s lined up that come out in April. I am looking forward to all of these even though they are a bit of a mixed bag.

Pride and Premeditation is a mash up of Pride and Prejudice with Sherlock Holmes. Not a big fan of the cover, but the premise sounds interesting and I think I will either love it or hate it.

The Anti-Book is one I recently picked up. It sounds interesting and I couldn’t resist that cover.

Girl, 11 also sounded too good to pass up. I am always up for a good serial killer book.

Lycanthropy and other Chronic Illnesses has been getting some mixed reviews, but I am willing to give it the chance of winning me over. It does sound interesting.

Other books I may read.

These are all library books that I either have in hand or will arrive soon. So I hope to read them all by the end of the month.

I have put off reading King of Scars long enough. With the next book coming out at the end of the month, I really need to get this one done.

This Will Be Funny Someday is a new release that I have been looking forward to reading. I will probably need a good laugh this month.

I was hoping to read The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating last month, but it is taking for ever for my copy to come from the library. Oh well, hopefully soon.

I will probably finish the second book in the Great Coats series soon and will at least get through Saint’s Blood in March. I hope to fit in book four as well, but we will see. These are pretty long books, and I seem to have less time for audio books lately.

I am adding Covet to my list although it might be a long shot. My library doesn’t even have it listed yet to borrow. But it comes out in a couple of days so maybe then? I don’t really want to buy it but I will if that is the only way to get my hands on it.

Well that is at least 8 books, maybe nine, that I know I will get read. Hopefully there will be more mixed in there as well. I seem to be reading more books in a month so far this year than I usually do. I hope this keeps up, although I may have to slow down a little, as I am finding it hard to get in some review writing time.

What are your reading plans for March?


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