March 2021 New Releases

Hard to believe that a new month is starting soon. But new month, means new books and this month has the start of Spring! Lots of good books to talk about so let’s get started!

Covet is the book I am so looking forward to reading next month! I have really been loving this series, and that ending on book two, just made it harder to wait for.

The Queen’s Secret is the second book in the Queen’s Assassin series. I am looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

I still haven’t read Infinity Son, but I am still looking forward to the sequel, Infinity Reaper. Plus I really like that cover.

Bridge of Souls is the third book in the middle grade Cassidy Blake series. This is one that I have enjoyed so much.

Good Girl, Bad Blood is one I have already read, but now I will get to hear how all of you enjoyed it.

Spellmaker is another book that I am still looking forward to even though I haven’t read the first book in the series yet.

Heartbreak Bay is the last of the Stillhouse Lake series and probably my favorite.

Firekeeper’s Daughter was really good. I should have the review up for it soon.

Rule of Wolves is probably on most of your lists. Another one that I have read the first book yet, but I have it now, so I should be getting to it soon.

Down World is a paranormal thriller by a debut author that has caught my eye. It sounds really good.

Well March is turning out to be an exciting month for books! What book are you most excited about coming out this month?


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