June 2021 New releases

I am pretty excited about June! Not only is it the start of summer, but strawberries come into season and the farmer’ market is open and filled to the brim with fun summer produce. I really missed going to the market last summer, and am really looking forward to going this year.

I am also pretty psyched about some of the books coming out this month, including the ones that I have already read! I really hit the jackpot with the ARC’s this month. They were all excellent and really exciting reads.

There are many other books that are coming out in June that I am super excited about getting to read in the near future. All of these look good and will be on my TBR this year.

ARC’s I read that are coming out in June!

I absolutely adored Donuts and Other Proclamations of Love. It was such a wonderful, yet quiet story that was more about the love between Oscar and his grandfather than it was a romance. Although, the romance was totally sweet and well done too.

The Box in the Woods was a great murder mystery and it was really fun to hang out with Stevie and the gang in a different setting and a different mystery to solve.

It was really hard to put Hairpin Bridge down, it was quite the nail biter and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to end. Lots of twists and turns and you really don’t know who to trust in this one.

That Weekend was also a hard one to put down and didn’t take me long to read it either. Except for a curve ball that the author tossed in at the end, it was a really twisty tale of deceit and family secrets.

Other books to keep an eye out for!

I have some mixed feelings about An Emotion of Great Delight, but probably not in the way you think. I love Tahereh Mafi’s writing, but I can just tell from the summary that this book is just not for me. But I might give it a try just to say that I did.

I recently found out through my local indie store that the author of The Nature of Witches is local! This is her debut and it has been getting a lot of hype lately. I am looking forward to reading it and already have it on order and will be watching the launch party on June 1st.

Fire with Fire is also one I have had my eye on for awhile. I really like the cover and I like the idea of a dragon slayer magically bonding with a dragon. Could turn out to be a really good book.

I have found myself lately being drawn to psychological thrillers, and Survive the Night seems to fit the bill. I can’t imagine being trapped in a car on a road trip with someone who just might end up a serial killer. It gives me the shivers.

What book are you most excited for in June? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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