Four For Friday

This is a new weekly meme being hosted by Ashlee over on Books Are 42. Basically there will be a theme for each week and you choose four books to fit that theme. The books can be books you’ve read, books coming out soon, books on your TBR, or a mix of all of the above!

This week’s theme is: Stunning Hardcovers

What exactly makes a cover stunning? My idea of what is stunning may not be some one else’s. Usually a cover that catches my eye and makes me want to pick up a book is something that I might consider stunning, but for the purposes of this post, I think I have to narrow down my definition. So for just this post I am considering a stunning cover to be one that I would want to look at even after the book is done. So with that in mind I scoured by Goodreads page and came up with these four books.

Six Crimson Cranes is one of my new favorite covers and favorite stories. Every time I look at it I see something new. So far this author has really lucked out on the covers, they have all been beautiful!

Unrivaled seems like and bad choice, but I love this one for it’s simplicity. I love the perfect strawberry dipped in gold. There is also a black background version, but this is my favorite. I also hated the paperback version of the cover so I like to promote this version as much as possible.

The Novice is another one that I love and I am not sure why? I really like the pose he has taken and the little dragon like creature on his shoulder. It just really has that chosen one feel to it.

Even though I don’t think I will ever read Chain of Gold, I just love that cover. The Infernal Devices books were my least favorite of the Shadowhunter books and I really have no interest in reading about their children. But I might some day just so I can say I have read all of these books.

It was harder than I thought narrowing my favorite covers to just four. I hope you enjoyed reading about these and come back next Friday for another addition of Four for Friday. Next week’s prompt is pastel covers. Hmmm, that might be hard as I am drawn to bright and flashy, but we shall see.

What’s your favorite cover and why? Let me know in the comments.

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