My October 2021 TBR

September ended up being an ok reading month. I actually read all of the eight books I said I would and then some. So that was at least one thing I was able to accomplish this month. I am really looking forward to my October reading, I have some good ARCs that I need to read for November and I have some other books I am looking forward to getting my hands on.

ARCs I need to read

I just love that cover for Gilded! I am really looking forward to reading this Rumpelstiltskin retelling!

All of Us Villains is another book I am really looking forward to reading. I love Amada Foody’s books and this one sounds really intense and wicked!

Roxy will be quite a different story from the others I think. I really enjoyed their other collaboration, Dry, and I am looking forward to seeing how they handle this topic!

You’ll be the Death of Me is going to be awesome! I always enjoy this author’s work and I am thinking this will be an intense thriller that will be hard to put down.

What else am I planning on reading?

Both Grave Peril and Summer Knight are audiobooks that I am hoping will come from the library sometime this month! I really enjoyed the first two books in the series and am looking forward to continuing it. I love James Marsters narration too!

The Eighth Detective is a book I recently picked up while wandering around the library looking for another book. It sounded really interesting, so hopefully it will be a good find.

The Return has been sitting on my bedside table for a couple of weeks. I need to get it read soon as it is due back to the library in early October!

I have a lot of other books that I hope to get to this month, but these eight are on the top of my list and I hope I get to read them all.

What book or books are you looking forward to reading in October?


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