Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2021

October ended up being a pretty busy month for me. Plus our weather was pretty wild there for a week or so. Lots of wind and rain. It was definitely not a boring month. I still managed to get quite a few books read during the month, and most of them were good, there were only a couple that were truly outstanding. But it is all good in the end. I also managed to read 7 out of 8 books that I had on my TBR at the beginning of the month. I have started the 8th one, so I feel like I finished that list pretty well. Is it unlucky that I read 13 books and finished the last one on Halloween? I certainly hope not.

ARC’s I read this month

These four books were definitely the winners this month of being the best of the best. I loved all of these and can’t wait to see how the rest of the world embraces them next month.

Roxy is a very interesting look at the addiction spiral. The authors personified the drugs which added a nice touch to the overall story. I loved all of the characters even though I was heartbroken by the end.

Gilded is also a well done story. I loved how dark it was and I loved Gild. Serilda sometimes got on my nerves, but she does manage to make you like her anyways.

All of Us Villains is written for all of you who love to hate the villains in any story. All of the characters are despicable in their own ways, but you can’t help but root for them anyways.

You’ll Be the Death of Me was brilliant and had so many twists that it left my head spinning. The ending was something else as well and I am truly hoping that there will be a sequel sometime soon.

Other Books I read this month!

Kingdom of the Wicked was a little disappointing. I just really didn’t like the main character all that much although I did like her love interest, the demon Prince Wrath. I still haven’t decided if I will read the next one or not.

I really enjoyed The Witch Elm, although it was difficult listening to it. The chapters are super long which made it hard to find good stopping places. But the story was amazing and it is one I recommend you read, especially if you like books that make you think and feel at the same time.

Stories of the Raksura is a collection of short stories from the Tales of the Raksura series. I enjoyed all of these. It was fun to see some of the characters in different settings and times in their lives outside of the series.

Dark Waters is the third book in the middle grade series Small Spaces. This one wasn’t as scary or as good as the other two, but I am looking forward to the next one.

The Return was pretty good, up until we got to the end, then it got all kinds of weird and started not to make a whole lot of sense. I still more or less liked it though.

Grave Peril left me feeling mostly confused for many reasons. There were lots of references to things that happened in Harry’s life that were never fully explained which really made me think that I had missed a book!? But besides that I did enjoy the story overall.

The Eighth Detective was a very different story all together. There were short stories that were intertwined with the main story and how it all wrapped up at the end was nicely done.

The Electric Kingdom was an interesting read. I liked the characters, but the plot left me feeling restless and like it was unfinished. Which I think was the point, but it ended up being kind of a let down. I wanted more from the story.

The Confession was just as good as the others in this series. I loved all of the twists in this one, and once again I was totally surprised by the ending and the big reveal who the murderer was. Great audiobook as well.

Overall this was a pretty good reading month. All of my ARC’s were great and while the other books I read weren’t stellar they at least were likable. I hope your reading month went well and that your next month is just as good if not better.


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