GoodReads Monday

This weekly meme was started by @Lauren’s Page Turners. It is now being hosted by Budget Tales Book Blog. To participate, choose a random book from your GoodReads TBR and show it off. Which sounds easy enough until you have to decide how to choose that book! I think I will use a different way each week, like picking a color or number of pages. I will let you know each week how I chose the book and then something interesting about it, like how it ended up on the list or why I want to read it. Got it? Okay let’s get started.

I decided for this week’s choice I would look for the book with the highest rating. Which can be a little misleading on Goodreads, because of people’s need to rate books that haven’t been published or even read yet! Yes, I am just as excited as the next person about Stephanie Garber’s next book, but I’m not going to give it 5 stars. Just stop it now people!

After wading through all of that nonsense, I came up with my choice for the week which was published in 2018 and has a rating of 4.53. But I also noticed that there were only 72 people rating, but the majority of those gave it five or four stars. This is definitely an underdog here which I can totally get behind. It sounds just like something that I would be into as well.

Bloodlines by Peter Hartog

Publication Date: August 28, 2018

Summary from Goodreads:

When former hotshot homicide detective Tom “Doc” Holliday is recruited to join Special Crimes, he trades in his boring desk job for a second chance to do what he does best, hunt down killers. And his first case doesn’t disappoint: a murdered woman with a bogus past, her body drained of blood, and two eyewitnesses wasted on the designer drug goldjoy claiming a vampire did it.

For Holliday is no stranger to the unusual. He wields the Insight, a fickle clairvoyance that allows him to see the dark and terrible things that hide upon his world. After all, when you live in Empire City, where magic and technology co-exist, and humanity endures behind walls of stone and spell-forged steel, anything is possible.

Saddled with a team whose past is as checkered as his own, Holliday embarks upon an investigation that pits them against bio-engineered vampires, interdimensional parasites and the magical masterminds behind it all.

From nightclubs and skyscrapers, to underground drug labs and coffee shops, Holliday’s search for the truth will uncover a shadowy conspiracy that spans the ages, and forces him to confront a destiny he never wanted.

I don’t remember how I came across this one initially. I added it to my list last spring, so I probably found it when I was looking for more urban fantasy to read. On Amazon they mention that it is for people who like Rivers of London or The Dresden Files, so it does sound right up my ally.

What is your highest rated booked on your Goodreads to be read list? What do you think of people rating books without reading them? Let me know in the comments.


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