My February 2022 TBR

February is the month of love and romance. But alas, I have only one romance lined up to read this month. But that is ok. Romance is not a go to genre for me, although I have been known to read them upon occasion, but not necessarily in February.

As usual all of my books that I had on hold at the library have shown up in the last week, so those will be keeping me warm at night. I am currently caught up on my ARC’s and haven’t found that many to read for March or April, but I will keep looking. I am including the one that I will read this month though.

An ARC and three others I will definitely read

A Spoonful of Murder is the last ARC for March that I have to read. I just picked this one up and it sounds super cozy. This one has a group of retired teachers solving a murder. Sounds perfect!

Beach Read is the one romance on the list for this month. We have an adult book exchange at work and I recently found this one. It sounds like the perfect book for me to read this month. It is about a group of retired teachers solving a murder!

A Blizzard of Polar Bears is the second in the Alex Carter series. I enjoyed the first book enough that I thought I would give the second one a try. I am really hoping for a blizzard this month, so that I can cozy up with this one in front of a fire.

Bloodlines is the book that has the highest rating on my Goodreads Want to Read list. I am looking forward to reading this urban fantasy.

What else might I read?

A Great and Terrible Beauty is a book that has been sitting on my bookshelf for years. It is one of the 11 books I own that I promised myself I would read this year. I read a short story with these characters last year and really liked that so I hope this will live up to my expectations.

Daughter of the Deep is the newest book by Rick Riordan and I am interested to see his take on this legend/myth.

House of Dragons sounds like a good book, and I liked this author’s other series, so I am hopeful that this one will be good.

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Fevered Star, but I really need to reread Black Sun first. There is a lot going on in this book and I am sure that I have forgotten half of it, so I want it fresh in my mind before I move on to book two.

I have no idea what order I will be reading these in, and of course I will read more than 8 books this month, but this is the plan so far. I have also been in a funny mood with my reading lately so who knows, I might just toss most of these and read something entirely different!

What books are you planning on reading in February?


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