My August 2022 TBR

August is usually a pretty busy month, mostly because I spend the last couple of weeks getting ready for the start of a new school year. But I am hoping to get lots of reading done regardless. I only have three ARC’s to read for September, which is fine because I had 8 for August last month which is twice as many as I usually do in a month. And all three of them are quite long, so I will need the time to get them done. I am also going to limit my TBR to 8 books, as that gives me a lot of wiggle room to mood read and to give me time to read the long ones.

ARC’s I need to read in August

Silver Under Nightfall is quite the long book, clocking in at 512 pages, so it is probably a good thing I only have three ARC’s this month. I love this author though and can’t wait to get started on this one.

The Ballad of Never After is the second in a duology. I am debating if I want to reread the first one before diving into it. I do remember most of the first book, but a refresher is always a good choice.

I am very excited that I received an ARC for The Bullet that Missed. I just love this series and can’t wait to spend more time with these characters as they solve another mystery.

Other Books I’m planning on reading

I sort of hesitated to add Babel and The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy to my TBR mostly because they don’t come out until the end of the month so I don’t know if I will have time to read them. Babel especially might be tough because it is so long. But I figured what the hell, I can hope and dream that I will. Both of these are new books I am excited to get my hands on.

The Word is Murder is a book that has been on my TBR for awhile. This is a twist on the Holmes and Watson stories. There is a new book in the series coming out this month and so I decided it was high time I started book one.

Doughnut is a recent find that I am excited to read. I saw one of the books in the series mentioned on Meagan Reads and it sounds like the perfect book for me.

The Stranger Times is another book I found on a blog, Becky’s Book Blog to be exact. She mentioned the second in the series and said it was an underrated gem. I just love those kind of books. I read a few paragraphs and just knew it was going to be a winner for me.

Well I hope your reading is going well and that you have some good books lined up to read in August. What book is the one you are most excited to read this month?


  1. I’m very jealous of you getting an ARC for the Richard Osman. I loved both the previous two. i hope you enjoy The Word is Murder. It’s a fun idea with Horowitz being a character in his own books.

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