Halloween Book Covers Tag

I saw this tag on Books are 42’s blog and just knew I had to do it. This tag was created by Metaphors & Moonlight. The aim of this tag is to find a book cover for each of the different prompts. A couple of these were a little bit of a challenge and I may have cheated a bit on one or two, but it is all for fun right?


Vicious By V.E. Schwab fills this prompt perfectly, and it is a creepy read which is a bonus!

A Pumpkin

This was one that I was about to give up on, but when I was looking for the costume prompt I thought of Geekerella. I had totally forgot about the Magic Pumpkin.


I just finished this second book in this series and really enjoyed it. I like the dripping blood off of the paintbrush. It’s a nice touch.

Spiders/Bats or other creepy creatures.

This one was a little bit tough. I couldn’t find any creepy covers with spider or bats, but this one works. And it is about witches as well.

Something Witchy

I don’t think I can get any witchier than this cover. If you have not yet read this one you should.

Severed Body Part

This was another one that almost had me stumped, until I remembered this book. Look closely and you will see the severed leg in the dog’s mouth.

Full Moon

I found so many books with crescent moons but hardly any with full moons. This is the perfect cover for this prompt though.


This was one of my favorites from this series and a lot of it does take place in a cemetery.

Haunted House

I really like this cover with the different shades of red. This sounds like a really creepy book and I hope to read it soon. Just picked it up from the library.


I could have gone with a couple of creepy ghost covers, but I decided on this one because it is just so cute!

Classic Monster (Vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein, etc)

This was a tough one, because none of my monster books had classic looking monsters on them. This one is a twist on the vampire genre, so I decided to go with this one.


This was the best that I could do for this one. This is a fun middle grade novel and if I am remembering correctly there are witches in it as well.

Someone in a Costume

I thought I might have to give up on this one until I thought of this series. These books are set in a Renaissance Fair and many wear costumes. This book had the best costumes on the cover.

Orange and Black

You can’t get any orangier or blacker than this cover. It was a good book too, though not what I was expecting.

Something Creepy

So many to choose from, but I finally decided to go with this one. The flowers kind of soften it, but I still find it rather creepy.

That was a lot of fun. It is kind of too late to tag people, but considered yourself tagged for next year!


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