Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2022

October ended up kind of a weird month. It started out with the weather being more summer like than fall, then we had about 2-3 days of fall and now it feels like winter! It made the month crawl by as well. But even with the weird weather I still managed to get lots of reading done. Most of it was really good.

This month I managed to read the eight books on my TBR plus ten more for a total of 18 books. I was surprised that I got that many in as a couple of these were really long. But one of the long ones I did start in September, but finished it in October. But it is all good.

As usual the books are listed in the order that I finished them and either my reviews or their Goodread pages are linked to the titles.

Flight Risk was such a fun read. I love the characters and the story was really good too. I even enjoyed the mystery although it was pretty easily and quickly solved.

Billy Summers was so awesome. I really enjoyed this one even though it made me cry at the end. This is one you really want to pick up if you have never read anything by Stephen King. It is not a horror book although there are a couple of squeamish violent scenes.

The Last Smile in Sunder City was a good urban fantasy that I enjoyed. I liked the characters and the setting. At some point I plan to continue the series.

The Book of Cold Cases was one of the best thrillers I read this year. I loved the supernatural aspect of the story and I found it a bit hard to solve the mystery as well. The characters and the setting were also well done.

Children of Ranarok is the first book in a wonderful new series. I loved the mythology as well as the characters and the setting. I am so looking forward to the sequel.

Babel was another really long audiobook but was totally worth the time I spent listening to it. This book has received a lot of well deserved hype. If you don’t already have this on your TBR you really should.

I really enjoyed Tread of Angels although it felt kind of short. There could have been a bit more world building but I really enjoyed the characters and the story.

Killers of a Certain Age wasn’t as funny as I hoped it would be, but I still really enjoyed it. There was a certainly a lot of creativity in the way the ladies committed their assassinations which I enjoyed.

The Ex Hex was a fun book, but I kind of wished I had read it instead of listening to the audiobook. The narrator was good, but she didn’t use an accent for Rhys which bugged me.

Gleanings was a collection of short stories set in the Arc of the Scythe world. I enjoyed reading these stories and spending some more time in that world.

Remote Control was a very short novella that was very interesting. It was sort of a science fiction story but it also had a bit of a fantasy feel to it.

The Sentence is Death is the second book in this series and I really liked this one. It was a bit funnier than the first one. They mystery was a harder one this time around as well.

Hunting Game was a little disappointing. I think there was something lost in the translation. The mystery was way too easy to figure out and I didn’t find the main characters all that likable.

Cursed was awesome! I really liked how the story came together in the end and also tied in nicely with the original fairy tale.

The Golden Enclaves was also amazing and so dark and disturbing. The perfect ending for this dark academia series.

This Charming Man was a lot of fun. I just love this group of quirky characters and the urban fantasy world that has been developed.

Nobody Walks was a shortish stand alone book in the Slough House world or spies. It was really good and had some really surprising and disturbing twists. I wasn’t totally happy with the ending, but it did fit the tone and the way the story worked out.

Our Last Night was such a good read for Halloween. It had just the right mix of spooky ghost story and psychological thriller. I had a really hard time putting this one down and read it in two days. I could have probably done it in one, but life interferes as always.

I hope you had just as good of reading time in October as I did. I am still pretty positive that I will make my Goodreads goal despite what their website says.

Happy Reading!

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