Looking Back – Favorite Audiobooks 2022

This has been a really good year for audiobooks! Almost all of the 43 (and counting) books I listened to were a four or five star read! There were a couple of duds but I won’t dwell on those. It was really hard to pick just a few to highlight in this post but I did try to limit myself and choose the ones that really stood out, not only for their stories but also the narrators.

Cursed was an amazing story and a really well done audiobook. The narrator, Rebecca Soler does a phenomenal job of capturing the mood and tone of the story as well as the many characters that populate the story. This was my first time doing an audiobook ARC and I was very please with the quality.

Although Babel was really long, I thoroughly enjoyed the narrator’s portrayal of Robin. Chris Lew Kum Hoi was a wonderful reader who captured all of the joys and sorrows of the characters in this story.

An Impossible Imposter is the seventh book in the Veronica Speedwell series and Angèle Masters has done a masterful job narrating all of them. She does a wonderful job of capturing Veronica’s dry wit and the banter between her and Stoker is marvelous. I enjoy listening to her so much that even though I read the ARC, I then listened to the audiobook when it was available.

Finlay Donovan is such a great series! The stories are hilarious and I love how the narrator, Angela Dawe captures Finlay’s character. This is another one that even though I have the ARC I will probably listen to the audiobook when it is available in February.

Billy Summers was the only book that made me cry this year. I just loved this story and the narrator Paul Sparks was perfect for it. His voice totally matched Billy’s character. This was the first audiobook I have listened with Paul but certainly not the last, especially if he does another King novel.

Ninth House is the only reread that made this final list and not only because I am super excited about the next book coming out soon, but the audiobook was awesome. I loved Lauren Fortang’s voice for Alex and Michael David Axtel did a marvelous job with Darlington’s voice as well. Loved the book and the audiobook. I do have the second book on order, but I just might have to do the audiobook for this one as well. There is also an interview with the author at the end that I highly recommend.


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