My May 2023 TBR

This year has been going by so quickly, yet at times it feels like no time has passed at all. Funny how time works. April was a pretty good reading month. I read, or at least started, all of the books on my TBR plus many more. May is also shaping up to be a pretty good reading month with lots of good books lined up. I have four ARC’s lined up that come out in June and four books that are sitting on my bedside table ready for me to pick them up.

ARCs I need to read

Marion Lane and the Raven’s Revenge is the third book in this delightful historical mystery series. There are lots of fun gadgets and I really like the characters and the plots have been well done. I am looking forward to reading this next installment.

Ruling Destiny is the second book in the Stolen Beauty series. This is a time travel story with some nice twists. It is also a little bit of a dark academia as well.

The Only One Left is a thriller mystery with some gothic vibes. Riley Sager is one of my favorite authors so I am sure this will be a good one.

The Road to Roswell sounds like a hoot. It is a romantic comedy wrapped up in an alien invasion and conspiracy theories. I just couldn’t resist.

Other books I plan on reading

A Winter Grave is a murder mystery set in the near future of 2053. It sounds very interesting and has been getting lots of good reviews.

Ever since I read A House with Good Bones I have wanted to read more of T. Kingfisher’s work. Paladin’s Grace is the first in a fantasy trilogy that sounds really good.

Malibu Rising is one that I have been meaning to read but kept putting it off. Since I read Daisy Jones and the Six, and really enjoyed it, I moved this one up on the TBR.

Little Thieves is a book I borrowed from the library awhile ago. I can’t remember exactly why I picked it up, but it sounds good and I am looking forward to reading it.

Looking back at this list it looks pretty well rounded. A couple of murder mysteries, a gothic horror, a fantasy and time travel, YA fantasy and a romcom/science fiction. What can I say, I like variety in my reading. Of course I will hopefully read many more than this, but I like to leave my options open for the other books.

I hope you all had a great reading month in April and that you have some fantastic books lined up for May.

Happy Reading!


  1. I really enjoyed A Winter Grave and hope that you do too. I’ve got Paladin’s Grace on my TBR as it sounds fun. You’ve definitely got a varied month’s reading coming up.


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