June Wrap up

monthly wrap up

June was a very long month.  It seemed like the school year was never going to end, but it finally did, YEAH!  Even though I felt exhausted towards the end I was still able to keep up with my reading, my blogging not so much.  I should make up for that in the next couple of weeks.  

Also in June I joined my first ever challenge, The Summer Comment Challenge.  It was a lot of fun, and it did make me focus on making more comments not only on my partner’s blog, but on others as well.  I am doing it again in July and you have until the end of today to sign up for the July Challenge and then there will be another one in August.  

Like I said, June was a pretty good reading month.  Lots of good books.  A little mid-year stat, I have read 90 books so far this year.  Not bad, I average around 150-200 yearly.  For the month of June I have read 19, some were re-reads but most were new releases from this year.  

Let’s start with the Re-reads:

The first two are from the Great Library series, the other two from the Seven Realms series.  Both are awesome and I did a review of both series which you can see here. I was glad I took the time to reread the Great Library books it helped when I read the fourth book in the series.  The audiobooks for the Seven Realms Series is also a good listen.

ARC’s from NetGalley that I read:

These were all good books in their own ways.  I don’t think I liked Bring me their Hearts as much as other people have, but it was still pretty good.  My favorite though was Smoke and Iron.  It was amazing and it will be a really long wait for the finale book next year. 

These are all new releases from this year that I either own or borrowed from the library:

My reviews for By A Charm and Curse and Ace of Shades should be up next week.  They were both excellent books that I highly recommend.  Allied was a little disappointing but still a solid ending to the trilogy.  Oracle Queen is a novella from the Three Dark Crowns series.  It was good, but not sure how it relates to the series as a whole. 

I also read some middle grade books this month.  

These were all really good middle grade books.  Two of them are from the State Awards nominees. When I have 6 of the Award nominees done I will do a post with mini-reviews of them.  Willa’s review I should have up hopefully next week.

That in a nutshell was my month of reading.  July and August should be really good as well.  I just started Reaper at the Gates and so far so good.  There are lots of books I’m hoping to read this summer that I mentioned in my Top 5 post a few days ago. 

I’m hoping to keep up the commenting and get some book tags and memes done this summer as well.  You might see some small changes to the look of the blog.  Summer is the only time I have to mess with that stuff, so be on the look out for that.  

Do you have any good books that you are looking forward to reading next month?



  1. Well, hi there, comment partner! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better throughout July! And it looks like you had a really awesome June! I feel like the middle grade books today are better than they ever were, and I should really check out some of them. I mean, those covers alone are fantastic.

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  2. Wow, nineteen books is pretty amazing. Every once in a while I get hit with a desire to reread favorites, but I rarely give in. I would like to reread a couple of books before the end of the year is out. I’m looking foreard to your Ace of Shades review. Glad we got to interact throughout the month of June. Happy July!

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