Monthly Wrap Up – January 2019

monthly wrap up

January certainly flew by for me.  The highlight of the month of course was the ALA conference last weekend,  although it did cut into my reading time I had a lot of fun.

I was a little surprised by how many books I read this month.  It felt like I read a lot less, mostly because a couple of them were quite long.  But a couple were started in December so I guess that helped.  I read a total of 14 books and for the most part they were all really good.  

Young Adult Books

Two Can Keep a Secret was my first read of the year and it was awesome!  I think it was a little bit better than her debut.  Lots of good twists and great characters. 

I reread Cruel Prince in anticipation of the next book coming out this month.  I bought Wicked King but I haven’t read it yet.  It is high on the list for February. 

Even though it was way too long, I really liked Queen of Air and Darkness, everything wrapped up the way I wanted it to.   

I really didn’t think I was going to like the western setting of Berserker and Ransacker as much as I did.  These two books were perfect and I just love the Hemstads and their Nette gifts.  This was a very different yet interesting type of fantasy.  

I just finished Courting Darkness a couple of days ago.  It was good though maybe a little slow moving.  I should have my review up on Monday. 

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Middle Grade Books

Dragon Pearl was a little bit of a disappointment for me.  The combination of Korean mythology and Science fiction didn’t quite work for me.  

Tara Duncan and the Spellbinders was good, although I think the translation was a little bit off.  There were a few things that just didn’t quite work for me.  

I read the first three books in the Magisterium series when they first came out.  But for some reason I never got around to the fourth one and then the fifth came out last fall.  I found that I didn’t remember enough of the first three to really enjoy the rest, so I have been listening to the audio books this month.  I am thoroughly enjoying them and can’t wait to finish it up.  

The last middle grade I read this month was Cogheart. This has been out in the UK for awhile now, but it has finally made its way over the pond and is slated to be released in the US next month. (At least I think it is?) I really enjoyed it. My review will be up next Tuesday. 

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Adult Books

Technically these are considered adult books, but I bet there are a lot of teens who would enjoy them too.  Terry Pratchett’s books are always such fun and Pyramids was one where I chuckled throughout. 

I also enjoyed The Invisible Library, but I am not sure when I will be able to fit in the four other books in the series.  This was the last book I finished this month and I’m planning to have the review up next week.  

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My TBR for February

These four are my Netgalley reads for the month.  I’m really looking forward to reading them all.  The first three will be a nice break from all the fantasy I have been reading this past month.

I have these two checked out from the library so you know they will get read.  I’m looking forward to reading DragonShadow, I am interested to see how she continues the Pride and Prejudice story line.  

That is six books that will definitely get read, the rest of my picks are up in the air at this point.  It will all depend on my mood.  

I hope your January was as good as mine.  What are you planning on reading in February?


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