Monthly Wrap Up – September 2019

Well I am so please that my plan worked! Really well! Last month I wrote a post about how I usually don’t have a lot of time in September for reading. So I decided to pad my month with books that were around 300 or less pages, so that I could keep my monthly numbers close to what they are normally. And it worked, maybe too well. I am claiming 20 books this month as I am very close to finishing one and will do so before midnight.

I am going to split up my books a bit differently this month. I’m going to split them by their number of pages. I actually listened to four audio books this month (not sure how I managed that one), so I am going by their Goodread page numbers to put them in the proper categories. I will put A’s next to their titles so that you can see which ones they are. I will also put MG next to the middle grade books.

400+ Pages

The Tenth Girl was probably the longest book I read this month, both in actual length and because it was so dang slow. Lies Sleeping and The Demon World read pretty fast so they hardly seemed as long as they did. Actually I was a bit surprised by Lies Sleeping page count. Heart of Iron (A) was surprisingly good. I didn’t know it was an Anastasia retelling until I was about a quarter of the way in. I have the sequel and will probably be picking it up as my next read. Three Dark Crowns (A) is a re-read. I am currently listening to book two. I hope to have them done before I get my hands on the final book.

300+ Pages

The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You was a really cute enemies to lovers contemporary with lots of geeky shenanigans. I just finished Heart of the Moors and will have my review up tomorrow probably. I don’t usually go for books that are spin offs of movies, but you know Holly Black, so I had to. It was pretty good, would probably have been better if I had seen the movie it was based on. Hungry Hearts is a short story collection all centering around food and it was delicious. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

300 Pages or Less

The Iron Druid is my favorite series right now. I have loved everything I have read and Atticus might just beat out Magnus as my favorite magical guy ever. The Girl From the Well (A) was a delightfully creepy book based on a Japanese myth. I had a review set up to post for it this week, but then discovered there was a sequel, so I am going to wait till I read that one. All of my Middle Grade reads were wonderful this month. Tunnel of Bones is a ghostly romp through Paris. The Dragon Thief was so so cute. Front Desk was also quite fun and Maybe He Just Likes You was quite powerful. Guest was creepy and a great take on the changling stories of Ireland. I think that one wins the creepy cover award for the month. The others were all quite good as well and I hope to have reviews up for them soon.

Well I hope you all had a good reading month as well. What was your favorite book this month?


  1. Wow, what a grand reading month! I absolutely love that cover for Heart of the Moors 😱That definitely would’ve been a cover buy for me had I come across it in stores. Actually, there are so many gorgeous/cute covers in this post! I want to read them all 😂 Hope October continues to be awesome for you!

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