August 2020 TBR

I read a lot of books in July, but only got 6/9 books on my July TBR done. Not totally my fault. Two of the books I was hoping to get from the library, and those didn’t come until this week, and I haven’t had the time yet to get them done. I am glad that the library is getting books out to people again, but it is a slow process.

August will be a bit busier than usual this year. My school district has decided to start the year online, at least for the first six weeks. This means a lot more preparation than normal, plus figuring out a way to get books into kids hands even when the school is closed. But I hope to at least maintain my monthly reading average of 12 books.

ARC’s I need to read

My ARC’s for September kind of got away from me. Some of them, I think, were supposed to come out over the summer but were moved because of the pandemic, or it might just be that I lost track of how many I already had and kept requesting more. Regardless I am super excited to read all of these.

  • Tune It Out is a middle grade book about a girl with a sensory processing disorder who loves to sing.
  • Queen of Volts is the last book in the Shadow Game Series. I am so looking forward to seeing how this story is all wrapped up.
  • Even If We Break sounds like a really creepy read.
  • Hatch is the second in a middle grade science fiction series with alien “plants” invading earth. The first book , Bloom, is one of my favorites so far this year.
  • A Wolf for a Spell is another middle grade Baba Yaga story that looks really good.
  • Well Played is the second book in an adult contemporary romance series with a Renaissance Fair as the setting. I read the first book, Well Met, and really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Audiobooks for this month

With the Queen of Volts being one of my most exciting reads for September, I really want to reread the first two books. I just loved Ace of Shades and King of Fools and remember them pretty well. I just want to immerse myself in this wonderful world before reading the last book. I listened to the first book in the Firebird series and really enjoyed it, so I hope to get to Ten Thousand Skies Above You this month.

Library Books to Read

  • Palace of Silver is the last book in this series. I tried to listen to the audiobook this month, but the narrator just didn’t work for me. I really enjoyed this series so I hope this will be a good ending.
  • The Deck of Omens is the sequel to the Devouring Gray duology.
  • Flamebringer is the third book in the Heartstone series. It is Pride and Prejudice with dragons. I enjoyed the first two and am looking forward to this one.
  • Crave is a Young Adult vampire book which I have heard is really good. It has been awhile since a vampire book has peaked my interest.

Well that will be quite month of reading. I hope I get them all done. What are you planning on reading this month?


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