August 2020 New Releases

Well, August promises to be a good month as far as new releases go. There are even some that I am really excited about, including three that I have read already. So let’s get started shall we?

Coming August 1st and 18th

  • It Came from the Sky (8/4) was a fun look at how rumors and lies and run amok in a small town.
  • White Out sounds (8/4) like a really good murder mystery/thriller set in one of my favorite areas of the country, the Badlands in North Dakota.
  • All Eyes on Her (8/18) was such an interesting story and one that I am still thinking about.

Coming August 4th

  • The Good for Nothings sounds like such a good old fashioned SF romp through space. I also really like that cover.
  • They Wish They Were Us is a prep school murder mystery set in Long Island.
  • Set Fire to the Gods is by an author whose work I have liked in the past and this one sounds interesting with gods and gladiators.
  • Igniting Darkness is the final book in this series. I absolutely love that cover!

Coming August 25th

  • Ink & Sigil was such a fun read. I really enjoyed the new characters and magic in this new series set in the world of the Iron Druid series. My review will be up next week.
  • The Burning Kingdoms is the final book in this series. I am really looking forward to seeing how this one ends. It also has an interesting magical system.
  • The Nemesis is finally here. It has been three years since the second book came out and I can’t wait to see how this one ends.
  • Reign is another final book in a series that I have really enjoyed. The weather magic is so interesting and a great group of characters as well.

Those are some of the books I am looking forward to this month. What about you? What book are you most looking forward to getting your hands on?


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