Audiobook Confessions

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files #2) by Jim Butcher

Read by James Marsters


Let’s start with the wonderful narration by Mr. Marsters. These books really have the feel of a 1930’s film noir and his voice is perfect for that. Deep and resonate and full of emotions. Plus he does Harry’s snark really well. He also does some pretty good voices for all of the quirky characters we meet throughout the book.

As much as I enjoyed Storm Front (book one) I think I loved this one a whole lot more. For one thing I loved the whole werewolf storyline. I had no idea there were so many different types of werewolves from so many different cultures. I got quite the education on this topic. And we get to meet almost every kind throughout the book. Who knew Chicago was so overrun by them?

The story is pretty fast paced so this was an audiobook that was really hard to put down. Harry finds himself and some of his friends in some pretty difficult situations. There were a few times I wasn’t sure who were the good guys and who weren’t. There were some pretty good twists to the tale that will keep you on your toes.

If you are a fan of urban fantasy and you enjoy listening to James Marsters, this is a series you need to pick up and give a listen too.

The Lies They Tell by Gillian French

Read by Caitlin Davies


Caitlin Davies starts off a little bit shaky at first. She rushes through the narration at times and hardly seems to take a breath. It was hard to follow the breaks in the story and when things switched settings or times. But eventually things get better and once they do, then she does an excellent job of speaking for Pearl. Her voice contained just enough emotion to portray the difficulties Pearl was having in her life and her need to discover who had committed these murders.

The story on the whole was pretty good, but I did pretty much have it all figured out from the get go. However there were enough misdirections and red herrings thrown into the story that I was always doubting my choice of murderer. I enjoyed Pearl as a character and found her life and its difficulties interesting and relatable. I also liked the juxtaposition of the rich kids vs. the townies and the hassle she got from both worlds for different reasons. I didn’t quite get her attraction to Tristan, he was a bit much for me. But I was glad that she was cautious around him and his friends. I liked the mystery and how she was finally able to put all of the pieces together as well.

As a YA mystery this one was pretty good. It had relatable characters, good pacing and a story that kept you guessing. The ending was well done and creepy too. A fast and good audiobook to listen to on a stormy night.

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