My Alaska Adventure

Sorry this won’t be a book post, but I am just so excited to share my adventure in Alaska with you! Above is the boat that I spent the last 6 days cruising around on. It wasn’t even full with only about 40 passengers and a crew of about 20! It was such an experience. I won’t bore you with a slide show of the 350 pictures and videos I took, but I will share a few. It was one of the best experiences traveling I have ever had.

We really lucked out with the weather, especially the first day in Ketchikan. It was very sunny and we saw lots of salmon going upstream in the creek that went through town. We were then treated to a lovely sunset. The rest of the trip was mostly cloudy with only one rainy afternoon and then our last day in Juneau was very wet. But we were in the temperate rainforest so it was all good!

I didn’t take many pictures on our first day out as we were out on zodiacs looking for wildlife. We saw many eagles and other birds, plus some sea otters and orcas. Unfortunately they were all to far away for me to get decent pictures of with my phone. On Monday we took a hike in the temperate rainforest and I was able to get lots of good shots of interesting plants, so I felt a little better about missing out on the animals.

This is devil’s club and we saw it all over the forest. It has medicinal uses, especially the leaves, roots and bark. But the berries are poisonous to humans, although lots of animals including bears can eat them.

The other super cool thing that happened on Monday was the humpback whales. We were off the coast of Five Finger Lighthouse, and there had to be 30- 50 whales hanging out and having breakfast also. It was so cool. There was a baby that breached, but I don’t think anyone got it on film. We were all to busy looking elsewhere. Pretty much anywhere you looked off the boat there was a group of whales! This is a video I took, it is a bit long and needs some editing, but the ending is what makes it so cool. If you listen to it you can also hear the sounds they make while breathing. Very cool.

One of the nicest things on this trip is they had a professional photographer who gives pointers and help so that you can get the most out of your pictures. She taught me so much about how to use my iphone and get great videos and photos. Thank you Brooke! This is a time lapse video I did as we went around an iceberg. We went and saw South Sawyer Glacier. It was so beautiful. We did see lots of seals hanging out on the icebergs and we saw some calving too. That is when a glacier breaks off into an iceberg. This was not my first time seeing a glacier, but it was the best up close viewing I’ve had!

Overall this was a fantastic time and I really enjoyed myself. Not a lot of time for reading though, but that was ok because I was having such a good time meeting people, learning things and seeing such a wonderful wilderness.

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